Heads up: there’s an actual day, World Sleep Day to be exact, dedicated to the importance of healthy sleep.

Yet, it’s particularly ironic to find that the number of insomniacs in Singapore has increased since 2019 — particularly due to factors like work, finances and Covid-19 related news. If you find yourself struggling with a restful night, the answer might just lie in the form of a silk pillowcase.

When your body loses heat from its core, it can result in a sense of tiredness, which basically means that if you keep yourself cool and comfortable, you’ll enjoy a higher quality of sleep. Since silk is naturally cool to the touch…you know where we’re going with this, right?

Besides lulling you into a deep sleep, silk pillowcases have been proven to do wonders for your hair and your skin too. The slippery fabric is buttery smooth and extremely breathable, making it the first choice recommendation by dermatologists for those with sensitive skin.

Read on for the best silk pillowcases to get your hands on, stat.

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Sova, named after the Swedish word for sleep, is Singapore’s latest homegrown brand on a mission to create the best beauty sleep experience ever — with mulberry silk pillowcases, of course. The brand currently stocks six single-coloured alternatives, and each order comes with two standard or queen-sized pillowcases.

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Another local brand that’s spotlighting silk pillowcases? Burr. Besides using the highest grade of mulberry silk, each of their products are also OEKO-TEX certified, which means that it is completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use, including babies and young children. As of the time of writing, there are five different colours for dreamers to choose from.

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The pillowcases from More Sunday are made with 100 percent natural, grade 5A mulberry silk, crafted in three different sizes and six different colours. The products come with a considerate envelope closure to prevent your pillows from falling out as you move about at night. More Sunday also has sleepwear and accessories that’ll make your sleeping experience the most luxurious one yet.

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Brooklinen has gained a cult following amongst many for their long-staple cotton sheets, but little do others know — they do incredibly comfortable silk pillowcases too. These come in eight colours, including a quirky Celestial design that’s sure to spruce up your bedspread.

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We might not be able to look just like our favourite celebrities, but who’s to say we can’t incorporate some of their beauty secrets into our lives? Slip’s silk pillowcases are used by prominent names such as Victoria Beckham and Sophie Turner, and the latter even calls it “the greatest invention of all,” so it’s pretty obvious why we’d want in on this beauty secret too.

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