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Space-saving tips for every homeowner’s inner hoarder

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method may be great a great ideal to strive towards, but it is what it is: an ideal. Let’s face it, we all have too many things in our lives that we just cannot live without, and trend-keeping is not just a result of capitalism, its a lifestyle.

It happens to the best of us: you start out with one item and it suddenly tenfolds in a year. This, coupled with the fact that houses are getting smaller does not spell good news for anyone. However, with some smart storage and a little creativity, your little space can go a long way. Here are some of our favourite hacks that will leave you wondering what to do with all that extra space once you’re done.

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Platform Beds

The oldest trick in the book, platform beds with storage, is one of the most neglected hacks to increasing storage and saving space. Keep underused items like seasonal clothes and beddings hidden here for extra storage in your closet. In addition, platform beds create an elevated sleeping area separate from the rest of the bedroom, giving it an extra level of luxe.

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Storage benches/ottomans

Similar to platform beds with storage, storage benches and ottomans are also a great way to add some more room to your home. Most homes have benches and ottomans at the front for anyone to have an easier time wearing their shoes, so adding some storage would be incredibly useful. Instead of placing your socks in a separate box inside your burgeoning shoe cabinet, they can stay inside your bench or ottoman. Storage Ottomans with a hardtop can double up as a coffee table, and also keep your magazines safe.

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Anyone with at least three bags knows that these carriers take up so much space. They usually have to be on a shelf of their own, and for most shoebox apartments, this luxury is hard to come by. Pegboards are a customisable way to use walls to store your bags. They also double up as a great way to display bags and add some flair to any room. You’ll also be able to use them to place your knick-knacks like keys, jewellery and sunglasses too.

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Hang your mugs up

Not everyone is blessed with long countertop space and multiple rows or kitchen shelves. Mugs are something we use daily, and they seem to accumulate so much space in your shelves and cabinets. One space-saving tip would be to get a mug rack below your shelves. It is an extremely practical way of storage because you no longer need to use your limited shelving space and you can immediately dry your mugs after washing as well.

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Island Tables

Make your kitchen island into your dining table is also an easy way to save space. It still allows for extra countertop space and meals can be prepared without sparing conversations with guests. Besides, it also reduces a large part of the common area that would have been used for a traditional dining table.

Jocelyn Tan
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Jocelyn Tan is a travel, food and design writer who's probably indulging in serial killer podcasts or reading one too many books on East Asian history. Constantly curious (read: chatty), she's the type who'll initiate conversations even with strangers in a shared taxi.
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