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10 unique candle holders to spruce up your candlelit dinners with

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is simply Mother Speak for “Put Your Damn Things Away”. Sorry, mum! But she has a point. Give your candles and tealights and candlesticks a home worth writing, well, home about.

Lumière in Beauty and the Beast has a home, and it’s a castle near a little French town; in a quiet village. Your candlesticks, however, live in a teeny-tiny apartment in Singapore, to no fault of their own. So give them a place to call their own. Say “No more!” to shoving pillars of wax in dusty drawers to be lost, stranded, then forgotten about until a big romantic night-in asks for candlelit tablescapes.

And when you inevitably run out of candles and didn’t have the forethought to buy more when you had the chance, these unique candle holders can simply serve as decor. As objet d’art, as someone much more cultured would say. As very pretty things to look at, as I would say.

No more orphaned candles with these fun candle holders:

This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, with shopping links and prices adapted for Singapore.

If it’s va-va-voom you want chaperoning your slew of candlesticks, this handcrafted Laetitia Rouget stunner will do the trick. Glazed through in a strapless, pastel-striped gown, the almost unbearably cute figurine in bright red opera gloves and an equally bright red smile is simply happy to hold up a towering column of candle wax. And without? She’s just holding a vase over her head; hanging out, doing reps on her triceps.


There’s nothing more romantic than, well, anything set against the sultry, flickering lights of a candlestick’s flame. Unless, said flame is accompanied by single-stemmed buds you’ve freshly plucked from a nearby meadow, still glistening with morning dew. With LOLA MAYERAS’ two-in-one set, you can have it all, with a Sylvanian Families-sized vase placed right alongside the candlestick holder.


You might’ve succumbed to the call of BuzzFeed quizzes and discovered, after clicking through many, many stock images, that your interior aesthetic is Scandi. Or, Japandi. Or something suffixed -di. This applicata candle holder is for you! It’s handsome in that light shade of oak, with black fastenings that tether four slots for four candlesticks. So blowing out candles for the evening will always feel like a birthday party.


The female torso is a recurring Anissa Kermiche motif, not unlike those iconic Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottles of Y2K yore. This candle holder stands upright and astride, holding a single tealight by night — and a single egg by day. No, really, by all means, have your hard-boiled breakfast in this.


KANZ called this “Mistake”, but they must be mistaken because this candle holder is really something to behold. Spanning the length of a larger candle, this design puts a stopper on any grandiose notions with a twisted mechanism that makes this, simply, a rather large glass vehicle for a tiny tealight candle. It’ll grow into it!


‘The Scholar’, or il letterato — an observer and symbol of wisdom — has his thinking cap on as the muse for this porcelain GINORI1735 candle holder; a thinking cap that covers his eyes so he can really, really concentrate. Stick a tealight in his noggin and stick him on your bookshelf beside all your very favourite novels.


I have very real daydreams about living out the rest of my life in a derelict castle (by a beach! With a barn!) where no one can find me, call me or text me. I’d probably carry something like this Menu candlestick holder on midnight wanders to the bathroom, to the attic for an audience with my poltergeist, then straight back to bed. Where no one can find me, call me or text me.


This caterpillar-esque creature is doing a lot of leg work for this adorable glazed Ottolinger candle holder. In fact, he’s carrying the entire team on his back! What a caterpillar. Give it a raise before he cocoons away to a better life.


It’s been years since the phrase “Winter is coming” should elicit any sort of joy for anyone. Let me do one better. Spring is coming. Summer is coming. And while you wait, dream of sunnier days spent sandy and salty with your candlesticks perched atop glazed-porcelain palm trees.


I’m not going to write what I actually think this Maison Balzac candle holder looks like, but if you got a little chuckle out of my silence, please know that I, too, am amused. Rippled for your, uh, pleasure, this glass piece will be a perfect addition to your mantle. Or the drawer in your bedside table. Whichever fits.

Hero image courtesy of GINORI 1735’s Instagram | Featured image courtesy of Laetitia Rouget’s Instagram
10 unique candle holders to spruce up your candlelit dinners with

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