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Green sanctuary: How to infuse nature into your bathroom

Showers are usually the time of the day to wake yourself up in the morning, recharge after a long day – or contemplate the very meaning of our existence. The bathroom is like a serene sanctuary you recuperate in.

This is especially so while on holiday, where a spa oasis with elements of nature is usually created in the bathroom. Besides, it has been proven that the mental and physical restoration from nature is good for your mental health and general well-being. However, with busy schedules and living in a concrete jungle, it may be difficult to jet off every alternate weekend to recharge. So why not bring these elements into your living space instead?

According to Susie Rumbold, president of the British Institute of Interior Design: “People are travelling more and staying in hotels with luxurious, en-suite bathrooms, so they have come to want these pampering spaces in their own homes.”

These tips will allow you to have a bathroom design that creates a sense of peace and luxury as if you’re away from home – to recharge and enter a state of zen every evening after an exhausting day at work. All you need is a personal masseuse.

Let light in 

(Image credit: Anonymous Architects)

Natural light or the lack thereof has been linked to better well-being. While full glass window panels are usually used to let natural light in, it isn’t exactly practical for the bathroom. Well, unless you’re Kim Kardashian. Kim K gets away with everything.

Instead, consider creating an atrium or skylight to let natural light flood your bathroom. Not only can this result in substantial energy savings, it can also improve your mood and boost productivity.

Natural stone accents

Natural stones like marble and agate make a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Natural agate is one of the most exclusive and jaw-dropping home materials out there, with its vibrant colours and one-of-a-kind patterns. Agate can be incorporated as accent walls or bathroom countertops.

(Image credit: Gessi)

Accessories made from natural stones can also blend nature into your bathroom. Gessi, an Italian luxury design manufacturer widely known for its exclusive bathroom accessories, recently just released its collection of nature-inspired faucets. A collaboration between Gessi, designer Giuseppe Mauricio Scutella and artist-philosopher Marsel Lesko, Equilibrio promotes energy and wellness through daily used. As the philosopher behind the collection, Marsel said, “the silent breath of stones taught me to breathe.”

The faucets from the collection are available in a combination of metal, Pietra stone and Legno wood – so you can easily infuse these elements into your bathroom.

Freestanding bathtubs

(Image credit: Willman Interiors)

Bring the rejuvenating spas of tropical paradise back home by introducing a freestanding bathtub into your living space. It evokes an aura of elegance and affluence while you enjoy a refreshing soak. In fact, you may even forget that you’re not actually in a lavish resort in Bali or Thailand.

Waterfall showers

There is just something undeniably soothing about listening to the sound of a gushing waterfall. It makes you feel one with nature. You can replicate that by installing a waterfall shower in your bathroom.

(Image credit: Homedit)

Fusing a waterfall shower with abundant tropical greenery also creates the kind of environment you’d find in a luxurious spa hotel – or the Amazon rainforest. It’s so lush, you’ll feel like an Amazonian goddess every time you take a shower.

(Main image credit: Trendir) 

Green sanctuary: How to infuse nature into your bathroom

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