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Splurge: Wonderboo is a luxury dog food subscription service for your pampered pooch

A lunch box gets delivered to a doorstep. Inside are seven, carefully-portioned, protein-rich meals with ingredient cards proclaiming Swedish ox steaks, cod fillets, and whole wheat barley. A hundred percent natural, no preservatives, fillers or junk.

It sounds like a clean-eating gym junkie’s dream come true, but in reality, that lunch box contains meals for a dog. Yes, a little dog that’s such a good boy, it probably eats better food than you do, carefully prepared by one luxury dog food company, Wonderboo.

A satisfied customer.

Based in Sweden, Wonderboo provides an alternative to commercial, mass-prepared dog food for people who seriously love their dogs. There’s nothing ludicrous about wanting your pet to eat better. Food is the gateway to health, regardless of species.

According to its website, Wonderboo claims that its food will “save your pet a lot of suffering, and save [you] a fortune in veterinary costs. Commercial dog food contains eight parts carbohydrates, bone meal and artificial ingredients, with just two parts meat meal. In comparison, Wonderboo’s meal boxes are four parts real meat protein and rumen — one of a cow’s four stomachs that canines supposedly love — with two parts whole grain. A week’s supply starts at S$26.

Some ingredients that go into each carefully-packaged box.

Short of cooking prime steaks for your pup daily, this is the next best option you can find.

The company operates on a weekly subscription basis. Meals are measured depending on your dog’s breed and size, with four different flavours: Ox, cod, ox with grain-free sides, and a light option for pudgier pups. Every serving is air-dried naturally for 48 hours to achieve optimum texture, and no rehydration is needed.

You can even opt to buy the Wonderpod, its easy-clean silicone dog bowl to serve up the meal in.

Reviews on Wonderboo’s Facebook page showcase many satisfied pet owners vouching for how good the food is. One customer, an Ebba Didring from Stockholm bestowed the service with five stars, firmly declaring, “No question, the best dog food I’ve ever tried.” The satisfaction swings both ways, we suppose.

Unfortunately for keen customers, the service is only available in Sweden at the moment, but they keep well, so if you’re travelling there, this makes for a great souvenir for your beloved mutt.

Splurge: Wonderboo is a luxury dog food subscription service for your pampered pooch

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