We love dining in our favourite restaurants as much as the next person, but since we aren’t able to do that anytime soon, we’re looking to recreate the restaurant experience at home. 

Whether it’s a plate of dim sum delivered to you or a simple pasta dish that you whipped up, having it served on a beautiful plate will always make your food taste better. Besides, a row of plastic boxes doesn’t look great for the gram either. 

So ditch your gaudy IKEA plates, and invest some aesthetically-pleasing dinnerware sets. From muted ceramics to quirky patterns, here are our favourite online stores that are dishing out (yes, that is a pun) stunning plates to elevate your dining experience.  

(Hero image credit: Alex Holyoake via Unsplash)

Olive The Shop

Every piece from Olive The Shop is inspired by founder Vickii Ma’s travels — from the rolling hills of Kyoto, to the ocean blues of Greece, each piece is lovingly curated to remind its user of exhilarating journeys around the world. Here, you’ll find stunning, minimalist designs that support both style and functionality. Trust us when we say that they’re perfect for the classy homeowner.

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Eloise the Brand

Eloise the Brand was built out of sheer awe for the world around us. Just a few months old, the company aims to bring that same sort of inspiration to others with each of their collections. Their recently released Abyss dinnerware set is reminiscent of the mysterious allure of the ocean, complete with white streaks along a blue-black ceramic base that resembles crashing waves.

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Eat & Sip

Eat & Sip works with a community of small-batch artisans from all around the world to help them showcase their works of art to a greater audience. The store is all about inspiring mindfulness during the eating and drinking experience. Here, they aim to reconnect diners with the people that create the dining experience every step of the way: from artisans who make the tableware, to the cooks behind the stove. We absolutely adore the handpainted patterns from Zhang Min Hua, made with shades of blue and white to create a funky retro twist.

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Lovera Collections

Lovera Collections was birthed from one couple’s fascination with unique plates. Here, find a whole range of dinnerware styles — from colourful, quirky prints to muted elegant ones. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never run out of options. The New Country Set is a favourite, designed with beautiful shades of red, white and blue, and its fun patterns make it the perfect summertime set for all your delicious treats.

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Supermama has been making their rounds in the local homeware scene for their beautifully curated dining sets that feature Singaporean elements. Not just pretty to look at, these pieces are all made in Japan to ensure premium quality.

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