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The Cheat Sheet: Truffles, Prada and rum bars

In this week’s edition of The Cheat Sheet, we do a little digging into the origins of the truffle, examine Prada’s role in a world of fleeting sartorial fads, and reward ourselves to some rum. And if you need to stock up on stationery, the whimsically beautiful Astrograph pen is worth considering.


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White truffles, anyone? (Photo credit: Maude)

Prized for its signature earthy aroma and woody flavour, the truffle has been adored by many since the early ages. Here’s everything you need to know about the favoured fungus.


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Wash down a glass of Sugarhall’s Mai Tai, which is packed with rum.

Craving for something other than whisky or vodka? Have a glass of rum instead at these 4 bars, which offer everything from cocktails to a homemade rum brew.


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Miuccia Prada (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Prada has always steered clear of passing trends. But could this insistence on sticking to its tried-and-tested formula, be the reason why it’s playing catch-up in the ever-changing fashion world? We take a closer look at its legacy.


The Cheat Sheet
Here’s a pen you won’t ever want to lose.

If you have S$29,600 to spare, consider getting the super stylish, limited edition Astrograph pen, which is inspired by space travel and is created by Swiss watch manufacturer Maximilian Büsser and Friends (MB&F).

#lifestyleasiasg Instagram of the Week

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Dean and Dan Caten were recently in town, so we just had to get a photo.

At the Dsquared2 store at Orchard ION with the brand’s founders Dean and Dan Caten.

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