It’s been more than a month since the circuit breaker began. 

More likely than not, you’ve already maxed out the number of times you’ve upgraded your home on Animal Crossing, made Dalgona Coffee, worked out a sweat with Chris Hemsworth’s trainer and binge-watched every other show on Netflix. We get it, you’re bored out of your wits and you need something else to keep you busy. 

This is where crafting kits come in handy. These nifty little projects last a while, and they are the perfect fillers for all the times in between work and every other Zoom call you’ve had to answer. Upon completion, you can even gift it to a friend you’ve missed, or make it a keepsake to remind yourself how you’ve survived the pandemic. 

Yes, crafting can be daunting for beginners. Without the right tools, supplies and proper guidance, you might find yourself spending most of your time researching and coming up with designs before you attempt to even start. Hence, crafting kits offer the perfect solution: they come complete with all the tools, materials and easy-to-follow instructions to create your very own work of art. 

Here, we’ve collated some locally-curated crafting kits to get you started.

(Hero image credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash)


Cher & Create was born out love for the craft community, looking to inspire others to share and create crafts together. Besides creating custom orders, they also offer three different craft kits for beginners to try their hand at DIY.  Currently, their embroidery kit is sold out, but the woven tapestry kits are still available. They come in seven different colour palettes to choose from, and you can even select the Mom and Me DIY Weaving Kit for a weekend’s worth of crafting with your little one. If you’re lost, refer back to their website for a Youtube tutorial on basic weaving techniques and you’ll be good to go. Free shipping on all orders within Singapore.

Image credit: Cher & Create

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Deer Folks caught the attention of many last year on Instagram with their beautiful floral lettering. Pre-COVID, they were best known for their workshops and charming customisations, but now, others are coming to them for their easy-peasy craft kits. The beginner embroidery kit teaches you the basics of stitching and comes with helpful tips and tricks alongside all the materials you’ll need. Advanced learners can opt for the Embroidery Essentials Pack, which comes with all the supplies you’ll need to get you by, sans instructions and pattern design.

Image credit: Deer Folks

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If you’re dreaming of macrame, Knoette has got you sorted. The brand has come up with a DIY Plant Hanger Craft Kit (to hang all the house plants you’ve gathered during the circuit breaker!), which comes with a sheet guide and all the materials you’ll need. Too lazy? There are ready-made items for you to purchase as well.

Image credit: Knoette

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WithAutumn was created with a mission: to spread the word about traditional textile techniques and share its founder’s journey in natural dyeing, textile crafts and mindful processes. Here, you can find a whole range of DIY craft kits which range from fine needle punch kits to weaving. Most are beginner-friendly and come with design templates for you to follow through as well. Island-wide delivery is available with a flat rate of S$6. Free shipping is available for orders above S$150.

Image credit: WithAutumn

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Polymer clay jewellery is the latest trend in our local jewellery scene, and if you ever wanted to try your hand at making your own, head to Handsonklay. Apart from sending you all the materials, supplies and your very own Handsonklay student manual, each purchase also entitles you to an option to join their online workshop.

Image credit: Handsonklay

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Mu Yu is Singapore’s very own artisanal woodcraft brand, dedicated to creating jewellery, bags and lifestyle products. This trying time, they’re sending some creative love over to you with their #stayhomu DIY kits, which includes making your own bags, jewellery, coasters and photo frames. Guests will be entitled to free shipping with the discount code STAYHOMU upon purchase of any three #stayhomu kits.

Image credit: Mu Yu

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