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This week’s best stories: Blue wine, polar expeditions, and music festivals

Singapore has not seen rain and wind like what we’ve witnessed in the past week. With temperatures dipping to as low as 21.9℃, one can’t help but wonder if we are still in our little red dot on the Equator. Thankfully most Singaporeans are making the most out of the torrential weather. Now, it’s possible to layer up without subjecting yourself to ridicule and the overbearing heat that comes with putting on a down jacket. We reckon wearing a mink fur coat would be a tad too much, but you do you.

We also aren’t the only country affected by dark clouds. Across the Pacific, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 also had its own mishaps thanks to the rain: Google had to temporarily close its outdoors booth on the first day thanks to a leaking roof, and there was a power outage across the entire Las Vegas Convention Centre on the second day — no thanks to the rain. Thankfully, most exhibitors took it all in stride, with Intel joking that the blackout was the biggest thing to hit CES since the invention of 5G, and other attendees wondered if someone had asked Alexa to turn the lights off.

So to tide you over the rainy weekend (yes, we’re playing weatherman now because it’s so easy to), here are this week’s best stories.


this week's best stories
Edible flowers aren’t only limited to what you see in fine dining establishments.

Vegetables aren’t the only way you can eat clean. Step up your dietary game in 2018 with the superfood of the year, flowers. Here is our guide to eating all-things-floralwhich would come especially handy if you’re stranded in a forest.


this week's best stories
The very-Instagrammable blue wine from Gik’s is not made from the blood of Smurfs, but from two naturally-derived pigments.

Maybe in the distant future, your sommelier might not recommend you a red or a white, but a blue. The Lifestyle Asia Singapore team bought a bottle of Gik’s blue wine to try, and you can read our review here.


best stories
Polar expeditions aren’t just limited to the North and South Pole. You can also venture into Greenland and Patagonia on a guided tour, too.

If you’re thinking of the best ways to use the winter wear you bought for our local “Rain-mageddon”, why not embark on a polar expedition? Check out our guide to the best polar expeditions in the world. Whether you wanna head north to the Arctic or down south to Antarctica, you’ll be guaranteed a trip of a lifetime.


this week's best stories
Herbal aroma beauty care. Dropper bottle, dried fragrant flowers, sticks, wooden utensils, top view background.

Essential oils are some of the basic building blocks of therapy. From spa treatment rooms to your body care products, essential oils have more practical uses than just making you smell good. For those unfamiliar with aromatic oils, here is our guide to making the most out of these soul-soothing extracts.


this week's best stories
St. Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival is one of the most-anticipated indie music festivals in Singapore.

Locals love saying that the industry and consumers should “support local”, so we are. With many more music festivals arriving on our shores year on year, here are seven of the best music festivals in Singapore you should start looking to buy tickets for.

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