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No green thumb? Here are 7 of the easiest flowers to grow that bloom all year

Are you tired of tending to flowers that refuse to bloom or cannot survive a dry spell? Choose one (or five) from our handy list of the easiest flowers to grow that bloom all year with minimum efforts involved. And no, you need not have a green thumb to cultivate any of these stunning and easy-to-grow picks.

Gardeners often have to work through many challenges such as flowers not blooming, plants dying or drying out after one season and insect infestations. So, will it not be convenient to grow flowers that can easily survive neglect (though unintended) and forgetful nature?

For this, you will have to cultivate a basic understanding of flower types, planting techniques and the amount of water, soil and sunlight requirements, which can yield a gorgeous garden in no time.

Additionally, you can use ingenious ways to incorporate colourful flowers and greens even into cramped spaces — something that comes in handy to urban dwellers living in small apartments, without outdoor spaces like porches and backyards.

Here are our best picks for easy-to-grow flowers that bloom all year


Image credit: Susanne Jutzeler/Pexels

These vibrant flowers typically thrive as long as they receive six to eight hours of full sunlight per day, irrespective of soil condition. With over 70 varieties, sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to take care of, with some that bloom all year. If potted, the plants prefer loose and well-drained soil to accommodate the long tap-roots they develop over time.

To keep the plants healthy and hydrated, water them early in the morning, which will help them dry off during the day and avoid fungal diseases brought on by excess moisture. For best results, harvest the sunflowers just as they are close to wilting — 100-200 days after sowing.


Image credit: Gm Rajib/Pexels

These bright and versatile flowers are a go-to for new plant parents, as they are easy to grow and require little attention. Marigold flowers thrive in both moist and dry soil with the right dose of sunlight. These flowers are considered auspicious and are used for making garlands that are offered to several deities in India. The low-maintenance flowers bloom even without the help of fertilisers. Marigold flowers are found in vivid hues of maroon, orange, yellow and red.

The plants require partial to full sunlight and can be grown in a variety of soil types, except heavy clay, since it does not drain well. Sandy and loamy soils would work best. You can harvest these beautiful, fuss-free flowers when they reach their maximum size.


petunia easiest flowers to grow
Image credit: Ryutaro Tsukata/Pexels

They are prolific bloomers and are found in every beautiful colour but true blue. The plant features wide, trumpet-shaped flowers and hairy branching foliage. There is a wide variety within the petunia genus, and most are sold as hybrids, including single and double blooms, ruffled and smooth petals, striped, veined and solid colours with mounding and cascading growths, as well as even fragrant flowers.

Petunias are fast-growing plants and need partial to full sunlight to thrive. If cultivated indoors, the potting mix must be well-drained and should not retain excess water, although the plant needs regular watering. If you cut the flowers when they are fully bloomed, put them in a vase filled with water to preserve them for a longer time.


zinnias flowers that bloom all year
Image credit: Ryutaro Tsukata/Pexels

These gorgeous flowers, which can grow up to four feet tall, are a great choice to brighten up your indoor garden beds. Zinnias are perfect for novice gardeners since they are heat and drought-resistant. They can survive neglect and are found in vibrant and eye-catching colours, instantly beautifying a space. These flowers are used as an ingredient in many beauty products as well.

Zinnias grow best in full sunlight and a humus-rich, well-drained potting mix. The plant requires about one inch of water above the soil surface per week. Cut above the leaf node to ensure future growth, while harvesting these blooms.


Image credit: Tawhidur r/Unsplash

Commonly known as the sun rose or moss rose, portulaca flowers bloom in a slew of attractive colours like orange, red, pink and yellow. They are categorised as annual flowers and can easily grow in a flower bed, container or border. Portulaca flowers can even squeeze through old cracks where wind deposits soil. Hence, these flowers are often used as an element to beautify old structures and walkways.

Portulaca blooms thrive in full sunlight and loose, sandy or loamy soil. Limited water is needed because they are sturdy and drought tolerant. You can harvest the blooms once the seed pods dry out and turn pale.


Nasturtium flowers that bloom all year
Image credit: Jeffry Surianto/Pexels

A fully edible flower, nasturtium flowers are used to add a peppery kick to various dishes. These easy-to-grow and multipurpose blooms are found in gorgeous hues of red, yellow, orange and other warm colours, making them an ideal choice for a home garden. The flowers require little attention and can bush, cascade, climb and grow well.

Nasturtium flowers prefer partial or full sunlight and well-drained, low-nitrogen soil for optimum growth. Keep the soil moist by watering the blooms daily. You can harvest these gorgeous flowers when they fully bloom.

Peace Lily

peace lily flowers that bloom all year
Image credit: Bellava/Pexels

Peace lilies intensely react to neglect. They will demand attention by demonstrating drooping, flopping leaves and the most dramatic wilt if you forget to water them over a period of time. These expressive houseplants require medium to low light to thrive and need to be watered only when the (well-drained, rich) soil is close to drying out.

If kept outdoors, they are naturally found under large trees, growing in shade. Peace lilies also give off water vapour, keeping the surrounding air moist and easier to breathe. With enough light, peace lilies produce delicate white to off-white flowers, starting in the early summer, and bloom throughout the year.

(Main and featured image: Rodnae Productions/Pexels)

No green thumb? Here are 7 of the easiest flowers to grow that bloom all year

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