Welcome to the COVID-19 kitchen.

Since almost everyone is working from home, many are taking the additional hours to upgrade their skills by the stove.

Yet, stocking up your ingredients and doing recipe research can be a painful process. Not only do you spend hours scouring through the internet and your kitchen to see what you’ve got on hand, but you also have to make your way to the supermarket, which is a less than ideal location to be at now.

To help you along, we’ve put together the Pandemic Pantry, a list of all the new recipes you can try from renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Joel Robuchon, as well as how and where you can stock up on all your essentials.

Grocery shopping


How to stock up on groceries sensibly during the Circuit Breaker

To help you plan your next grocery shop more efficiently, Zach Conrad, assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences at William & Mary, offers his tips on how to stock up, sensibly, while self-isolating.

Wet market stallholders are going online to keep up with the times

New-age wet market stall owners are going digital to keep up with the trends so that they can provide consumers with both convenience and fresh, quality produce.

best organic grocers in Singapore

These are the best organic grocers in Singapore to shop at

Whether you’re looking for the best cut of Australian beef or the fluffiest gluten-free bread, these are the best organic grocers in Singapore to make a shopping stop at. 

meal kits singapore

More Singapore restaurants are delivering DIY meal kits as diners turn into home cooks

Limited fridge and pantry space for all your groceries? These meal kits deliver the exact amount of ingredients with step-by-step instructions for your convenience.

Recipe inspiration

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay’s 10 minute stir-fry will have you whipping up a meal in no time

British chef, restauranteur and TV personality shares a quick stir-fry recipe that’ll feed the family in no time.

Learning to cook? This Instagram page is a priceless source of heritage Singapore recipes

Pamelia Chia, author of Wet Market to Table, launched @sgpnoodles on Instagram in mid-March. Each post is complete with detailed recipes, instructions, photos but also videos for step-by-step guidance to cooking your next meal.

mashed potatoes

Michelin-starred mashed potatoes? Here’s the late Joel Robuchon’s recipe

French chef Joel Robuchon’s mashed potato recipe only requires ten simple steps. If you’re wondering what the key ingredient is, let’s just say it rhymes with “better”.

how to make bubble tea

Here’s how you can make your own bubble tea at home

Extended circuit breaker got you down? Don’t fret, this bubble tea recipe will tide you through your days at home.


Inspire your Circuit Breaker cooking with these new cookbooks

If you’re a traditionalist who prefers scouring through cookbooks for recipe research, these are the ones you’ll want to get.

Salmon and spinach is all you need to make Thomas Keller’s restaurant quality dish

American chef Thomas Keller divulges his secret on how you can turn two simple ingredients — salmon and spinach — into a restaurant-quality meal.

chocolate cake recipe

Pierre Herme’s chocolate cake recipe needs just five ingredients

Craving for a good ol’ chocolate dessert? This five-ingredient recipe by French pastry chef Pierre Herme will only take 30-minutes to make.


Sorry quarantini, the CBtini is the new cocktail that will get me through isolation

Our drinks writer is spending isolation the best way she can by coming up with this sweet new creation. Hint: it features the trendy Dalgona coffee.

yoghurt cake

Cronut inventor chef Dominique Ansel, shares the classic French yogurt cake recipe

This classic, no-fail recipe from cronut inventor chef Dominique Ansel is a quick easy dessert for any family. No measuring tools needed.

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