Six homegrown businesses heard our rallying cries to help migrant workers in Singapore, and with that, have founded A Little Community of Good a fundraising collective targeted to giving back to the people hit hardest by COVID-19.

A Little Community of Good is spearheaded by In Good Company, the local fashion label. Together with independent businesses like Birds of Paradise, Mud Rock Ceramics, Petit Pain, Books Actually and Edith Patisserie, this collective has banded to raise S$60,000 for HealthServe, an NGO that offers essential services to migrant workers.

Credit: A Little Community of Good

All six will match donations given to the collective dollar-for-dollar, capped at S$30,000. The initial goal of S$60,000 within six days of its launch, but the donation channel on Give.Asia remains open till 30 June 2020 here, should you wish to contribute. Proceeds will be directed to the general fund for HealthServe, to be directed towards anything from clinical to legal aid.

“We have all been hit hard individually in our businesses by the effects of COVID-19, and certainly the Circuit Breaker. However, we still felt it was important to give back what we can as for-profit businesses and to rally the power of numbers behind our communities to do the same,” the press statement for A Little Community of Good said.

a little community of good help migrant workers singapore
Photo credit: ALCG

Singaporeans have stepped up to lend aid to migrant workers throughout this challenging time to remedy what our system has failed, and this gesture of support has been heartening across the board. A Little Community of Good is another hopeful gesture that heralds change for the better when it comes to the treatment of migrant workers overall. For more organisations to lend your support to, click here.

Beatrice Bowers
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