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Q&A: Nichkhun on 2PM’s new album and his new passion for acting

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul has been taking the entertainment industry by storm ever since he first debuted in 2008 as part of the South Korean hip-hop boy group 2PM. Today, we sit down for a chat with the “Thai Prince of South Korea.”

When the band took an official hiatus in 2017 to complete their mandatory military service, Nichkhun, who was born in the US to Chinese parents, stepped out to pursue his own personal interests outside of the band. To great success too, in 2019, he penned and released an album in South Korea, China and Thailand called Me. Dabbling in acting, Nickhun has also been cast in the upcoming Hollywood film The Modelizer alongside fellow actors Byron Mann and Kenneth Tsang, and will be appearing in a Thai horror film called CRACKED.

As 2PM prepares to make their comeback this year with its latest album MUST, we catch up with Nichkhun to see how he’s getting along with his bandmates, the new album release and the exciting new world of acting he’s found himself in.

Nichkhun, congratulations on 2PM’s latest Album MUST. How does it feel to unite with your bandmates after a 5-year hiatus?

Thank you. It was like a dream come true for me to be able to make a comeback again after so many years in hiatus. Though I worked on my own projects during that time I have missed being together with the whole 2PM. We had a lot of fun during production and promotion. It felt like yesterday when we last released our album.

What was the most exciting thing about making the new album?

Just the fact that all six are back together was the most exciting part and the rest just followed along. The same six kids reunited for a fun comeback.

What’s next for 2PM?

Well we have another mini album releasing in Japan and we are definitely looking for any opportunity to perform live on stage. Just waiting for this fog to be lifted.

2PM Nichkhun
Jacket and pants: Sandro

Congratulations also on your Hollywood debut! Has this always been a dream for you?

I always picture myself living in Cali one day and I know I’m a person who cannot stop working. Having worked out there is a big reason for me to live there so yes being in Hollywood was always a dream for me. But it’s a dream I’m not taking lightly so if I’m going to keep trying to make it in Hollywood I need to make sure I’m always on point.

What can you tell us about The Modelizer?

I don’t want to spoil too much but I play a wealthy playboy who loves to party with my brother from another mother played by Byron Mann. I feel like we have good chemistry. We always have fun and try out things outside of the script all the time. This may be a character the audience has never seen me play before so I hope they like him.

You also have a horror film in Thailand coming up called CRACKED.

I like to challenge myself and I feel like I always choose romantic comedy types of films because I feel comfortable playing those roles. But with CRACKED it’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s thrilling, and it gets your heart pounding. So I thought it would be another big step in my acting career if I can carry this role. I worked really hard in preparation for the film as well. Hope the audience will like it.

2PM Nichkhun
Jacket: Dunhill; pants: Bottega Veneta; Shoes: Alexander McQueen; necklace: Tiffany & Co.

You’re often casted as the rich man in acting projects. Do you feel typcasted?

I must admit that I do have an image that the public thinks of when they see me or hear my name. And I want to break away from that especially if I want to continue my acting career. That is why I chose a movie like CRACKED to show my more serious side.

You’ve really taken on a range of projects from acting to voice acting and singing. Do you have a preference for acting or singing now?

I enjoy both acting and singing. Singing brought me to where I am today and that’s something I’ll always do. But acting is like a new career path that is still yet to be explored so while continuing to be in 2PM I will also work hard as an actor. As for people I want to work with will probably be my members in 2PM. Most of them are known for their acting skills and it will be so much fun if we get to all be in the same project.

You’re also working on a project in China. Can you tell us more about it?

I recently joined a Chinese TV show called《追光吧!哥哥2》. It’s a performance competition program and there are elimination rounds. I can’t spoil too much but I can tell you that everyone on the show is a tough competitor so I will need to prepare well for every round. Hope the viewers enjoy seeing me on the show. I am also taking Chinese lessons so that I can communicate with people on the show.

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This article first appeared on Prestige Online Hong Kong.

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