At the time of writing, it is T-6 days to Christmas, which means a few things: you’ve got to fortify your stomach and liver for the festive parties coming up, ready your social skills for all the mingling you’re obliged to do, and if you haven’t yet done your shopping, you are in a bit of a pinch.

Don’t stress out too much, though. There is still a fair amount of time. To help mitigate your stress, we’ve accumulated all our Christmas gift guides this year into one comprehensive list, packed with options to suit all tastes and persuasions. Whether the workout junkie, the serial beauty addict, or the picky gourmand, and more, we’ve got choice presents these people are guaranteed to love.

Happy shopping! And please, for the sake of your sanity, do not attempt to tackle Orchard Road for your festive purchases on a weekend night. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself by signing up for a chance to win Bali staycations, booze hampers, and spas at our biggest Christmas giveaway yet. Check it out here.

For the fashionable logomaniac

logomania christmas gift

Logomania is firmly entrenched in this year’s fashion landscape, with all signs pointing to its continuation next year, and beyond. Here’s a list of curated presents to buy that one person in your life who has got a penchant for all things ostentatiously branded, and proud of it. After all, it’s not what you wear anymore, but who.

For the fitness enthusiast

christmas gift

It’s hard to nail down exactly what a gym junkie would need unless you’re dedicated to keeping fit yourself. If you can’t subtitle your lifestyle with #eatclean, #fitnessfreak, or even #imtrying, but still have to shop for someone who can, and does, here is an adrenaline-fuelled shopping list for you.

For the wellness junkie

wellness christmas gift

The wellness junkie is a very distinct breed. They are a group who are into aromatherapy and alternative healing, and probably have a diet that includes at least half the superfoods the world has to offer. Kombucha and water kefir are their ride or die beverages, best enjoyed with pili nuts, their equivalent to potato chips. If you know someone like that, and want to nourish their cleansed souls, here’s a list of gifts to buy.

For the picky gourmand

food christmas gift

As a nation, we can unanimously agree that food is a beautiful thing, but there are a select people who harbour a love for cuisine and a palate that exists in a different, far more cultured dimension. These food lovers celebrate produce, origins and culinary experiences. If you know someone who froths at the mouth when Norwegian butter is mentioned, here are more gifts to keep their stomach happy.

For the modern jetsetter

jetsetter christmas gift

Their Instagram feed is a montage of airplane windows, far-flung destinations unheard of, and inspiring, Goodreads-sourced quotes about wanderlust. They live the life you want, with seemingly endless leave days and are constantly gearing up to go elsewhere. It’s all glamour, but travel can be taxing too. Here are some gifts to take the edge off, and make travelling even better than it already is.

For the skincare and beauty addicts

beauty christmas gift

These bunch seriously run with the idea of “one is not enough”. Questions like, “how many red lipsticks can a person have?”, or “why do you need seven different concealers in the same shade?” come across as redundant, because there is always a subtle difference, and perpetually something unique about every product in their arsenal. Click here for a guide to shop for a skincare devotee, or here for the ardent makeup buff in your life. If you’re gunning for hair, perfume and grooming tools too, then we have got a definitive shopping selection here.

For the tech nerd

tech christmas gift

A Christmas gift for a tech nerd is seriously challenging stuff, especially if you aren’t familiar with all the jargon that comes with buying a new gadget. We’ve sussed out some of the coolest, most coveted gadgets available in the market right now here, ranging from the practical, to gratuitous gizmos that will unleash a techie’s inner child in a heartbeat.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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