The world is full of successful CEOs, innovative entrepreneurs, and risk-taking business owners, but every person follows their own path to the top. In our monthly interview column, How to Succeed, we pick the brains of industry leaders to find out how they got to where they are today.

Try as he might, Brandon Chau can’t help but make an impression — a distinguished one at that. Tall, statuesque and clad in classic Anglophilic town dress (i.e. double-breasted suit, spread-collared shirt and repp tie), one gets the sense that he’s stepped, fully formed, from the pages of a James Clavell novel. It’s a suspicion that’s confirmed by his family pedigree: He’s the fifth-generation scion of a dynasty that traces its origins to the earliest days of British Hong Kong.

However, whatever highly strung airs might be misattributed to Chau’s appearance are quickly allayed by a conversation: He’s relaxed, courteous, genial. A man of diverse passions, he embarked upon his first entrepreneurial endeavour in 2012: founding an exhaustive luxury bedding business called the Noblesse Lifestyle Group. This was followed in 2016 with the opening of Attire House, a superlative menswear concept perched on Wyndham Street which provided bespoke clothing, barbering and even its own bar.

This past April, Attire House moved into new premises at Duke Wellington House, showcasing a fresh layout, cigar lounge and event space. To mark the occasion, LSA popped into v2.0 of this classic men’s clothier for a chat with Chau, canvassing everything from his time as a barrister to the invigorating ritual of cigar smoking.

Brandon Chau
Brandon Chau in a navy MTM suit from Neapolitan tailor Cesare Attolini. Despite opting for conservative colours, Brandon adds visual interest to his outfit by combining a (very subtle) overcheck in his suit with a butcher stripe (shirt) and geometric pattern (tie).

Randy Lai
Having worked in the Australian digital media landscape for over 5 years, Randy has extensive experience in men's specialist categories such as classic clothing, watches and spirits. He is partial to mid-century chronographs and a nice chianti.