Leisurely mornings listening to your favourite podcast or daily news while brewing your own cup of coffee is the start of a perfect day. However, not everyone has time to grind coffee beans — especially when you’ve rolled off the wrong side of the bed, and braving yourself to face the morning traffic.

For busy professionals, convenience is key when it comes to your morning coffee. Sure, you can grab a cup of flat white from your favourite cafe, but that adds up quickly. Enter: Single-serve coffee makers from brands such as Nespresso or Illy where you can simply pop in a capsule and have your caffeine fix within minutes.

However, convenience doesn’t necessarily translate to eco-friendliness, as most coffee pods are made from a complex combination of plastic and metal that can rarely be recycled. Soon, you’ll find yourself staring at a mountain of plastic or aluminium pods that you have accumulated over time. But before your throw your coffee machine away, we have good news. A few brands on the market now offer compostable or biodegradable coffee pods that won’t come at the expense of mother nature.

Here’s our selection of brands that offer third wave coffee pods that will be leave a lighter footprint on the environment, for a guilt-free caffeine fix on days you just need more sleep.