It is commonly said that time and tide waits for no man. With busy schedules and places to be at, more luxury concierge service companies are emerging to solve our #firstworldproblems. These companies provide services that will get you those front row seats to Singapore Fashion Week, or book out your favourite restaurant tonight.

Some of these services are exclusive to members only, while some have specialisations. Here’s a look at five we’ve handpicked for the best fairy godmother experience.

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Sky Premium International

This newly launched concierge service caters to a pool of individuals looking for luxurious experiences. The company aims to connect members from all over, to share and enjoy endless privileges. With panel advisors such as fashion-forward lawyer Tan Min-Li, and renowned celebrity Allan Wu, it’s easy to see how this company will provide you with the most exclusive opportunities.

Members only; S$1,200 per year.

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Grandate Concierge

This Singaporean company offers services that cover the entire gamut. With their international relationships and insider knowledge, the company will offer bespoke experiences and services that includes event management, bespoke travel arrangements and sorting out your corporate hospitality.

Non-members and members; provides 24/7 services based on membership type.

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Quintessentially Lifestyle

Founded nine years ago, Quintessentially Lifestyle has become the top concierge choice with 60 global offices. They have dealt with outrageous requests, from finding a resort in Indonesia with an uncredited picture, to retrieving a Nintendo left on a plane. If you want to test the limits of your imagination, we can safely say that Quintessentially will do all it takes to fulfil your needs.

Members only; provides 24/7 services.

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John Paul

This international concierge does the same things as the previous three, with bespoke services and memberships. However, this tech savvy company uses a software to keep a data bank of customers’ profiles based on their behaviour and preferences. Some off-kilter things they’ve done include delivering 30 live penguins to a birthday party!

Members only; three tiers are available at S$1,800, S$2,700 and S$9,100.


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Vertu Concierge

If Siri’s not cutting it for you, this phone has it’s own real-life personal assistant. Vertu’s new Signature Touch phone comes with a complimentary 18-month subscription to Vertu’s Dedicated Concierge service. Priced at S$10,000, this handmade phone has a ruby (yes, genuine) on the side that launches the concierge app. With that, you can call or text, no matter how early or late, from anywhere in the world.

After the first year and a half, the service costs approximately S$4,000 a year. 

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