After a busy day in the office, you might just want to head to your favourite bar for a few cocktails or retreat to your sanctuary to rest and recharge for the next day. The latter, especially, is something worth investing in. Besides, getting enough quality sleep plays a crucial role in your physical health — and helps you function properly throughout the day.

While most of us can sleep just about anywhere when we are dead tired after a long week, it is no secret that certain environmental factors, such as lighting, noise, temperature, mattress type, and bed sheet material, can affect the quality of your sleep.

It is thus important that you invest in the right products for your bedroom, to ensure you have a good night’s sleep every day. From a S$347 eye mask (which is worth every cent, we promise) to a tea brew packed with many beneficial ingredients to calm your senses before you hit the sack, these products are just what you need for a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams are truly made of these.

(Featured image credit: We Are Cultured