When it comes to auctions, one would think that they’ve seen it all. From prized artworks by legendary painters such as Picasso, Salvador Dalí or Jean-Michel Basquiat, to rare diamond-encrusted pieces of jewellery and a fancy pink diamond ring that sold at S$116 million, it is truly jaw-dropping to think how much one would pay for a rare collectable item. You can splash that money on a lot of other things, anyway.

But would you consider buying a cabinet for S$50 million? According to a design report by Barnebys, top designer furniture now rivals art as a collectable investment. So forget pieces that only hang on your walls. If you’re going to pay millions for an antique, it might as well be functional, too. And why buy a regular chair, when you can invest in an extravagant, heritage-rich one that looks more like a throne — so you feel like royalty whenever you sit in it?

From a chandelier that once belonged to King George II, to a dragon-inspired chair — which was one of late designer Yves Saint Laurent’s most treasured items — these are some of the world’s most expensive furniture pieces that have fetched millions at auctions.

(Featured image: Phillips)