Mention Bali and one is immediately reminded of a tropical paradise; of the balmy breeze, soothing sounds of gentle ocean waves lapping on the shore and the profusion of colours with each sunset and sunrise. Bali is so much more than an island getaway, it is a longing for a simpler life, a carefree dream framed with rattan and wood.

While most of us would love to live out our best ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ dreams without a care in the world, there are easier ways to reach a state of zen than travelling to Bali. The essence of Bali is a seamless blend of nature and culture. To recreate the same sort of relaxed luxury, try decking your home in Balinese inspired homeware, and you will find resort-living much more accessible than it was before.

We’ve gathered a couple of spots in Singapore for you to incorporate a little bit of this Indonesian haven in your home. From textured rugs, bamboo baskets to rattan everything, we’ve got you covered.