The mention of wallpaper may send a shiver down your spine because it conjures up images of your (austere) grandmother’s living room — or a childhood of arduously helping your parents scrape it off your walls. Before you write it off, though, hear us out. Believe it or not, when chosen tastefully, wallpapers can make your living space look luxuriously chic.

Historically, wallpaper began as extravagant tapestry in wealthy homes, inspired by wall paintings used by Egyptians and Romans. It is no surprise, then, that exquisite, bespoke wallpapers are the wall art of choice in many designers’ homes and swanky hotels around the world.

When it comes to interiors, wallpaper can play a starring role in your living space, drawing the eye and adding dimension and colour into your home, as well as manipulating spaces with visual tricks. Wall coverings, especially by skilled artisans, can transform your walls into works of art — in a way paint can’t.

If you’re afraid of your living space looking too cluttered, skip the ceiling-to-floor installation and choose certain feature walls you’d want to stand out, or have wallpaper as decorative panels on the wall.

From master suites and living rooms to bathrooms and stairways, a strategically chosen wallpaper design — be it subtle, romantic, or urban chic — can instantly add flair to a venue. Check out these 6 bespoke wallpaper makers whose designs have adorned luxury hotels, homes of the rich and famous, and palaces for the modern royals.

(Main image credit: Cole & Son ; Featured image credit: @netaporter)