There is a certain gratification when we see dust particles getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner. But when a vacuum is clunky and corded, it can be more than a chore to clean the house. This first-world problem was what James Dyson sought out to eliminate. His eponymous brand of cord-free vacuum cleaners is now a staple in many a household.

A decade ago, Dyson’s first cord-free vacuum, the DC30, was launched. Today, homeowners can look forward to a new addition to the Dyson family: The Cyclone V10.

dyson cyclone v10
The Dyson Cyclone V10 is the British household appliance company’s latest invention.

The design Dyson Cyclone V10 bears all the hallmarks of its predecessor, the V8. However, its insides have been completely re-engineered. The V10 is smaller and lighter, yet has 20 percent more suction power than the V8. It spins at 2,000 times a second, making it Dyson’s fastest digital motor. The powerful suction will deep clean your carpets and keep your floors fur-free.

The battery in the Cyclone V10 has also increased to 60 minutes of vacuuming per charge (compared to 40 minutes on the V8). A battery indicator has also been added to the handle. The bin now carries 40 percent more dust, at least on the two premium models of the Cyclone V10. It’s upgrades like these that justify the price tag of a Dyson vacuum.

“The Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum is so light, so powerful, it can deep clean anywhere in your home,” said James Dyson. “It is the reason why I’ve stopped developing full-size vacuums.”

This forward-looking sentiment of Dyson’s might just be what sparks the extinction of corded vacuums, heralding a new dawn of cord-free machines.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 starts at S$899, and is available at all major departmental stores.

Josiah Neo
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