A good host has impeccable table manners, a well-stocked bar, and a proper entertainment room. The first two are easy to pick up, but the last one might be an enigma to some. We’re not just referring to your plush living room with a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair. Any homeowner that has space should invest in building the ultimate entertainment room.

“Isn’t that what the living room is for?” you might ask. An entertainment room is more than a communal space to watch football games or the latest blockbuster. It’s a safe space for you and your guests to let your hair down and simply have fun. You can finally have karaoke sessions that go well into dawn without waking up your neighbours.

Furnishing an entertainment room sounds simple in theory, but it’s much more complex. It’s not just about the biggest television or the comfiest loungers. The ultimate entertainment room should exude a casual atmosphere without it feeling like a frat house. This is where we’re here to help. The guide below should steer you towards crafting the ultimate space to entertain guests or have a cosy night in Netflix and chilling. Feel free to switch things up based on your budget and space constraints, just don’t forget the popcorn.