Everyone enjoys the lustre of having designer clothing, and with that comes a slew of fabric care specificities, especially if it is made from luxury textiles. That cashmere coat or silk dress may seem beautiful, but getting it clean often entails a full-on dry-cleaning service that few of us have time for. This is no reason to give up on owning that new taffeta Gucci gown or Zegna suit. Something like the LG Styler presents itself as a convenient answer to your situation.

This home appliance is a slim, sleek closet that comprises a system that can refresh, press, clean and gently sanitise your clothing. It runs completely on steam, making it an eco-friendly option as compared to the chemical-laden dry cleaning process. It also does everything in 39 minutes with the regular setting. Those in a rush can opt for the express function, which allows the user to enjoy the full benefits of refreshed clothing in 20 minutes.

The LG Styler isn’t limited to just cleaning your clothes, but a variety of fabrics, ranging from your pricey wool sweater to your household linens.

lg styler
Measuring 44.5cm x 58.5cm x 1.8m, it’s a narrow closet that can be easily integrated into any room.

“This product has been a home essential for the whole family. From steam-freshening our cushion covers, and my kids’ favourite soft toys, to my husband’s suits and even his favourite jeans. Best of all, for a fashion-loving mother, it freshens my silks, pleats, laces and leathers which I had to send frequently for dry cleaning or special care. Now I put them in the Styler, and it prolongs their use while cutting down on dry cleaning time, and cost,” said Tjin Lee, the chairman of Singapore Fashion Week, in a review.

The LG Styler is, as Lee said, an essential. As long as you’re fashion-forward and have a love for luxurious textiles, the LG Styler is your one-stop, efficient solution. Here are some ways it presents an easy alternative to cleaning and refreshing your high maintenance fabrics.

For more information on the LG Styler, see here.

The LG Styler retails for S$2,999. It is available at Best Denki, Harvey NormanCourtsGain CityAudio House and Mega Discount.