Complete your tastefully designed abode with a home fragrance — a simple yet effective method to truly set the mood. 

Just like how perfumes can make or break an impression, one shouldn’t neglect the use of home fragrances to really elevate your space and show off some personality. There are so many different air freshener options, but we’re making the case for reed diffusers — an easy way to refresh your space with minimal effort. 

Unlike candles and aroma diffusers, reed diffusers don’t need any flames, plugs, or batteries. Instead, they use wooden sticks to soak up the oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, which then allows the fragrance to linger and evaporate in the air. Reed diffusers also require little to no maintenance at all: simply refill the oils every three to four months and replace the sticks while you’re at it.

However, fragrances are extremely personal. A Bali-inspired home would smell completely different from a modern victorian one for example, and it really depends on the personality of the homeowner too. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best luxury reed diffusers in town for you to take your pick: from scents that transport you to the snowy alpines of Hokkaido to meadows of springtime.


Asia’s leading aromatherapy brand, Thann, is naturally the first on our list. Their offerings include a whole range of Asian botanicals like lemongrass oil, ginger root oil, jasmine, nutmeg and many more, all of which turn your home into a beautifully scented urban oasis. Besides reed diffusers, Thann is also home to a range of aroma diffusers and essential oils as well as a whole selection of bath and skincare products so that you can smell good from tip to toe. For a touch of aromatherapy goodness on the go, try out their Delightful Solid Perfume Set.


Hysses, formerly known as Mt Sapola, is one of Singapore’s most popular aromatherapy brands. All of its products champion the use of natural botanical and bioactive ingredients to provide an organic source of healing for its users. Other than its range of reed diffusers, Hysses also has a wide selection of hand sanitisers, candles, car diffusers and a modest assortment of perfume and makeup.

Scent by Six

If you’re looking for something to remind you of your travels, consider getting your reed diffuser from Scent by Six. The local label creates scents with the purpose of reminding users of a specific region that will evoke warm fuzzy memories from the place. Currently, they stock three different reed diffuser scents: 2065 Ujong, an imagination of Singapore in the year 2065, 1724 Puka, a reminder of the beaches in Boracay, and the 27F Biei, a nod to snow-capped mountains in Hokkaido.

Neom Organics

Neom Organics is a London-based brand that uses only natural fragrances in its blends. Although the brand delivers internationally, shipping costs can get a little pricey, starting at £25 (S$45) for orders below £150 (S$270). To get hold of the offerings from Neom Organics, try other online retailers like lookfantastic.

Ashley and Co

You’ve probably heard of the delicious-smelling hand soaps from Ashley and Co, but make no mistake, their diffusers are not playing second fiddle. All six of their of stylish reed diffusers are outfitted in a sleek black container and detailed with a matte black holder at the bottom. These scents include the hypnotic black gardenia with figs in Once Upon a Time, and the enticing white ginger and lily in Tui & Kahili.

To Be Calm

Australia-born Cherylynne Clews founded To Be Calm in Singapore, driven with a passion for fragrances. Here, the goal is to make use of fragrances to help create an optimal state of mind, be it at home or in the office. To Be calm currently stocks eight different reed diffusers, including a unique blend of fresh-cut grass and coriander flower for the ultimate springtime fragrance. Other crowd favourites include the infusion of coconut and lime, a bold fragrance that transports anyone in the room to a balmy beach holiday.

Jo Malone

When asked to name luxury scents, Jo Malone, one of Britain’s most iconic brands, can never be left out. If you can’t have enough of their enticing perfumes, Jo Malone also has a range of reed diffusers for some lingering scents in your room. Get the luscious English Pear and Freesia for a truly enveloping scent to any space. Apart from reed diffusers, Jo Malone is home to linen sprays, as well as an impressive assortment of bath and body products.

Jocelyn Tan
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