From presenting glitzy runway shows to attending A-list parties and hobnobbing with Hollywood’s elite, top designers the likes of Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenburg seem to lead such glamorous lifestyles. They are also often spotted looking effortlessly put together — which leads one to imagine that these fashion designers’ homes must be equally, if not more, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. And considering these couturiers’ keen eye for detail, these residences are bound to be decorated with only the finest furniture and art pieces.

From the late Yves Saint Laurent to Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs, these 5 prominent names in the sartorial scene reside — or once resided — in some seriously beautiful spaces. Interestingly enough, not all of their abodes feature the most expensive art or exquisite furnishing. Some of these creative personalities have chosen instead to decorate their homes with mementos collected from their travels around the world, or even souvenirs and gifts from friends.

Get inspired by these famous fashion designers’ homes and their personal choice of artists to grace their abodes — and start planning for your next home redecorating session.

(Main image: Marc Jacobs’ home. All photos credited to Architectural Digest