With towering skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, Singapore features some of the world’s best architecture — making it an ideal breeding ground for talents in the industry. It’s even home to numerous award-winning architecture firms such as Hyla Architects, MKPL Architects and WOHA.

It is no wonder then, that the Lion City is hosting the 11th edition of Archifest, an annual public festival for locals and visitors alike to celebrate architecture and the built environment. The festival sees a line-up of more than 50 events taking place at various locations island-wide over two weeks.

Among the highlights are specially-curated ‘Architours’, which aim to reignite the public’s appreciation for Singapore’s architectural gems. Participants are able to interact with the architects who are behind these projects, and hear their insights on the design and construction processes that go into these buildings.

Before we bid adieu to the festival, which wraps up this Sunday, we highlight some of Singapore’s most futuristic and prominent architectural gems that look like they came right out of a sci-fi movie. From a world-renowned luxury hotel (hint: with an infinity pool) to a building that’ll easily call to mind the Star Wars movies, here are 5 buildings you need to see.