For every commonplace item that exists, there’ll always be a much more extravagant and expensive version out there. We’ve seen martinis garnished with diamonds, S$300 grilled cheese sandwiches (though to be fair, the bread is baked with 23k gold), and rice that costs over S$140 per kilogram. There are even lavatories that function more like massage chairs, complete with personalised clean-up settings. Save for the ultra-wealthy, most of us would baulk at forking out such princely sums for ordinary items.

But if you’ve always dreamt of owning something that’s the most expensive of its kind, or something that’ll have you feel like you’re living out your Crazy Rich Asians fantasies — even if only just for a moment — consider getting your hands on the costliest drinking straws in the world.

Yes, you heard that right. A handful of brands have taken it upon themselves to create luxurious, reusable straws crafted in fancy metals like rose gold vermeil and titanium, and embellished with designs as elaborate as animal and insect motifs. Naturally, these do not come cheap in comparison to their ubiquitous, single-use plastic counterparts.

There’s purpose behind these posh straws, though. With restaurants, bars and hotels all over the world phasing out disposable plastic straws (which pollute landfills and the oceans), it’s time to switch to eco-friendly, reusable options. These are typically made of paper, bamboo and glass; but if that’s way too plebeian for you, consider getting your hands on their more upscale iterations.

Scroll down for our list of the most absurdly expensive straws to buy, so you get both bragging rights and a chance to save the environment.

(Main photo: iStock; Featured photo: Snow Peak)