Interior design trends come and go. However, monochrome interiors is an aesthetic that stands the test of time due to its simplicity and versatility. It is no secret that black and white complements each other beautifully, similar to the seemingly opposite forces of yin and yang — so it makes sense to put them together for the most stunning results.

While the word itself derives from the Greek word monochromos, which means “of a single colour,” the trend has constantly been reinvented and is now more sophisticated than ever — and is definitely not just one colour.

However, we don’t mean Scandinavian minimalism, an interior style which has been done to death for the past few years. The trick to a chic yet modern space is to add a unique twist to the monochrome palette with more layers and textures, as well as luxed up accents such as gold and brass.

There’s no better room in your home to apply this colour scheme to than your bathrooms. While last year spa-inspired bathrooms and bringing nature indoors are all the rage last year, monochrome bathrooms are the next best thing for 2018.

So without further ado, check out these opulent monochrome bathrooms for your design inspiration.

(Featured image credit: GIA Bathrooms & Kitchen