Getting quality sleep is more than just choosing the right bed and mattress. While it’s true that the mattress provides support to your body’s contours, it’s the linen that enhances your sleep experience. The type of linen you use will make a huge difference in the comfort of your sleep, depending on a variety of factors; from weave type to fabric type — and yes, the thread count.

Contrary to popular belief, excellent-quality bedding doesn’t have to cost an arm and two legs. Recently, there’s been a rise in homegrown bedding manufacturers offering luxury bed linen at lower prices compared to imported ones. This eliminates the need for the middle man; as well as rental and brand license fees, which usually drive up the retail prices of sheets in department stores.

Here, homegrown bed linen brands from Singapore to shop for the next time you feel like a little pampering. Trust us, it’s worth the investment.

(Main image credit: Sojao)