Singapore has found itself on numerous lists of the world’s most expensive cities, time after time again. There’s a good reason why the Lion City inspired Kevin Kwan’s best selling novel (then adapted into a movie) Crazy Rich Asians, after all.

It is, indeed, an ideal place for some of the top talents in the world to work and live in — with its mega malls home to prestigious fashion houses such as Chanel, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton, vibrant culinary scene with Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury properties comparable to those in places such as London or New York City.

The latter, especially, is an allure for the ridiculously affluent in Singapore. According to Christie’s Luxury Rankings, the island state is ranked 5th globally when it comes to luxury real estate prices per square foot. This is apparent when you walk amongst the seamless blend of grand century-old architecture and modern skyscrapers co-existing in the futuristic business centre. And what better place to take the awe-inspiring view from than a penthouse at the top of these high-rise buildings?

We take a look at some of the most exclusive penthouse apartments in Singapore home to the city’s rich and famous.