“The Fringe” is a timeless trend that always finds its way into fashion and decor. In interior design specifically, it was originally used for furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unravelling — and can be found in everything from Victorian lampshades to 60s curtains.

The trend has come back this year; albeit, with a fresh new take. Gone is the stuffy, grandmotherly image the mention of “fringe” might conjure up. Instead, the fringe trend in a Pinterest era brings a sleek, glamorous and eclectic look to modern homes.

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This year, tassels will cover everything from the edges of throw pillows, draping itself over lamps and weaving its way into upholstery. It might even show up in some unexpected places.

Interior designer Timothy Corrigan said in an interview with Vogue, “People want more and more things to feel custom and unique, not like they will see it at the neighbour‘s house. Fringe is one of the easiest ways to take a simple lampshade, pillow, whatever it is, and make it uniquely your own,” he says.

Whether its dainty, bell-like tassels used in sofas and ottomans or boho leather threads, fringe in interiors is back bigger than ever. Here, the ultimate guide to incorporate this trend into your home.


The tassel tieback, which has been an example of fine drapery used for centuries, has been considered as symbols of protection to ward off evil in many parts of the world. Today, however, the traditional look is used to achieve a more relaxed, bohemian style.

You can incorporate this into your interiors with an ottoman featuring a tassel skirt at its base, or an armchair embellished in leather threads.

Bullion fringing

For those unfamiliar with this term, bullion fringing is a method that incorporates twisted yarn, generally containing threads of silver or gold. So sophisticated is the look, that it can help bring back a bit of old-fashioned glamour into homes.

Bullion fringing in neutral colours can give off a Hollywood-style feel, used to adorn sofas. Complement it with a chandelier or framed mirror, and the end result is a timeless look.


Leather fringing brings the charm of the Wild West into homes, whether it takes the form of fully-adorned sofas or smaller cushions that are thrown over a lounger. In fact, the trend won’t only be found on runways this year, but also hanging over the sides of sofas. This brings movement and textural interest to your interiors. For a more subtle look, opt for colourful suede with delicate tassel corners.

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Fringe has a tendency to look and feel heavy. Instead of having a house full of fringe, incorporate it in small doses through contemporary items like fringe-trimmed mirrors or chandeliers. This also doubles as modern boho art, adding a certain character to your home.

Another is the unique Normanna Lamp by VI + M Studio launched at Milan Design Week last year, introduced as a new collection designed for Purho. The lamp functions as a great decorative piece and an iconic lighting fixture — adding a playful look to various bedrooms or living rooms.

(Image credit: VI + M Studio)

Pastel hues

Another one of our favourite ways to offset the heavy, stuffy look that fringe give off is to use pastel hues, such as Munna Design’s eclectic sofas in millennial pink or baby blue. Similar to the Normanna Lamp, the sofas have the ability to brighten up your whole home.

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