Take a walk along the Joo Chiat or Katong districts of Singapore and you will find vibrant tiles on old shophouses and pavements, taking you back to the heyday of the Peranakans. Not only can this unique design language be found in architecture, but also antique furniture originally commissioned to showcase a family’s wealth and high social standing.

Now, the sentimental value of these treasured family heirlooms is appreciated by modern homeowners, sparking the rise of the popularity of Peranakan design and furniture. To them, each piece combines elegance, grandeur and intricacy.

It comes as no surprise, then that many homeowners are paying homage to one’s roots and preserving the Peranakan identity with their home decor — whether it’s through Peranakan-inspired furniture or the much-coveted tiled wallpapers.

Whether you want to showcase unique heritage in your home or simply love the Peranakan design elements, check out these designers and furniture retailers in Singapore for stunning Peranakan-inspired furniture.