For a country defined by its high-octane pursuits, Japan is also extremely dedicated to relaxation. It is a country where the concept of zen stems from, and that has trickled its way to influence a number of calming practices that are quintessentially Japanese, from gardening to the time-honoured tradition of onsens.

We all know the virtues of long soaks in a tub, but an onsen is on another level. The ritual, which has been around for centuries, centres around a communal or private bath with geothermally heated spring water. It is a popular activity during winter and can be enjoyed in outdoor or private settings.

We may not have natural hot springs in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean you have to book a flight out to the Land of the Rising Sun just to enjoy a soothing dip. A number of Japanese-style onsen spas can be found around our city, offering a similar atmosphere and experience to the one you’d get in Japan. If you ever find yourself in need of a quick respite, book yourself a bath at one of these venues and luxuriate in those zen vibes.