Crossfit may still be a niche sport in Singapore, but its ever-growing presence is driven by a dedicated local community, one fostered by longstanding gyms in our city that champion the sport. Crossfit Mobilus is one of those gyms and its unshakeable status as one of Singapore’s premier Crossfit gyms is hard to deny.

For one, the name is tagged to the fittest woman in Singapore, Landy Eng, who is a personal trainer there and has competed at the annual Crossfit Games. For another, Crossfit Mobilus is now the first affiliate in Singapore to establish a second gym, with its sophomore address opening in Chinatown’s Eu Tong Sen Street, joining its flagship in Clarke Quay’s Riverwalk.

Crossfit Mobilus chinatown
The front desk. (Photo credit: Crossfit Mobilus)

Set in a heritage building, Crossfit Mobilus Chinatown caters to the burgeoning enthusiasm for the sport with its expansive 4,736 square feet space. The main workout area features Singapore’s largest rig, spanning the entire length of the gym, adjacent to ample floor space where workouts can be conducted. Next to the main area is an annexe, where those who prefer to do their own training away from the roster of Crossfit classes can book an open gym session.

Brand new equipment is a given with any gym opening and Crossfit Mobilus Chinatown is stacked with it. Beyond the barbells, dumbbells, wall balls and such are a fleet of 29 Concept 2 SkiErg, Rowers, and BikeErgs in total — all cardio-focused exercise equipment that has become a classic in Crossfit workouts today.

Crossfit Mobilus chinatown
The main gym. (Photo credit: Crossfit Mobilus)

Apart from the daily classes focused on the workout of the day (better known as the “WOD”), Crossfit Mobilus Chinatown will also conduct a slew of skill and endurance-based classes targeted to improve one’s overall fitness: MobStrong, focused on strength training, MobLift, dedicated to Olympic-style weightlifting, MobEngine, which utilises the Concept 2 machines to build your cardiovascular capacity, MobRow, which builds power and endurance via improving your rowing techniques, and finally, MobBasics, tutorials for absolute beginners.

Crossfit Mobilus chinatown
The washroom. (Photo credit: Crossfit Mobilus)

All these classes are conducted by trainers of the highest calibre — a fact Crossfit Mobilus prides itself on — be it national champions from across the world or competitive athletes across a variety of disciplines, with experience spanning regional Crossfit competitions to the actual Crossfit Games.

Whether you’re looking for a new gym in to check out in the central area or keen to venture into the Crossfit, you’ve now got another option in Chinatown to explore. With a gym motto like “enter the fittest days of your life,” we challenge you to resist.

Crossfit Mobilus Chinatown
Block C 90 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059811
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