The Victoria’s Secret army might look like a bevy of angels, but they train like a beast. What you see are the push-up bras, mile-long legs, and saccharine-sweet smiles, but what you don’t see is the absurd amount of discipline required to produce their world-famous physiques. Besides a strict amalgamation of exercise and diet all year round, these models see their limits get challenged even further as the year culminates to an end, and they gather to show off the results on the most watched catwalk in the world.

As we can imagine, living a life that revolves around exercising sounds equal parts exciting and exhausting. After all, they’re humans and the burn out is real, so they have to get creative. Cardio is an important aspect in staying lean, but so are intensive muscle conditioning and highly-targeted body sculpting activities. Here’s where it gets interesting — it may seem counter-intuitive to focus on muscle training, but it actually accelerates the fat-burning and toning process.

Strength training increases the amount of lean muscle mass on your body, and lean muscle mass requires more calories both during exercise and throughout the rest of your day. Muscle also requires energy in the form of calories to maintain itself –unlike fat which requires almost no calories to exist, so the result is a revved-up metabolism that would blast fats even when you’re at rest.

The best part is you don’t have to hit the gym’s weight rack anytime soon. Here’s how some of Victoria’s Secret’s best get the most desirable sculpted physiques in fashion, and how you too, can train like an Angel.