Meditation is often associated with yoga practice or Buddhism, helping individuals to slow down and keep grounded in the midst of the bustle around them. However, it has also been scientifically proven to improve both one’s mental and physical wellbeing, so anyone can take advantage of the practice to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, increase focus, and even strengthen relationships — all the makings of a well-balanced individual.

The ancient practice has roots tracing back to around 1500BCE, where the earliest written records are said to have been found in the Hindu traditions of Vedantism. In fact, many experienced yoga practitioners embark on meditation retreats in India, Bali or Thailand. There’s no better place to find your zen than in nature, away from daily stressors, after all.

Yet, city dwellers hoping to incorporate meditation into their lifestyles can find a few yoga studios and meditation centres in Singapore offering group or private meditation sessions. Although located in the city, these studios have recreated the right mood and atmosphere suitable for concentration.

If you’re looking to sign up for a meditation class, here are studios in Singapore where you can rest your weary soul and achieve a state of relaxed awareness with like-minded individuals.