Sure you’ve mulled over the state of your liver from long nights involving dubious amounts of Jägerbombs, or stomach ulcers from skipping meals, but few people in their twenties would’ve given much thought to brain health. After all, conversations still come with ease, you can still remember what you had for dinner last night, and your motor movements are just fine, thank you very much. What could possibly go wrong?

brain health dr shawn watson
Neuroscientist Dr. Shawn Watson of Senescence Life Sciences lets us in on some pretty simple ways to prevent the premature death of brain cells.

According to Dr. Shawn Watson — Canadian neurologist and founder of Senescence Life Sciences — apparently, a lot. Brain health is no longer exclusively reserved for seniors to worry about; it’s something that people need to start thinking about at a far earlier age. And we’re talking about those in the early 20s here. After all, that’s right about when your brain begins its ageing process. By the time you hit the big four-zero, you’ll start to notice significant differences in cognitive performance.

Senescence Life Sciences formulated EDGE, a supplement specifically designed for 30 to 55 year-olds to combat the mental struggles of modern-day working lifestyles and be more focused at work.

To develop to formula, he looked at the cellular and molecular levels of neural ageing (i.e. how a single brain cell changes with time), and sieves out botanical compounds that halts brain cell damage for the supplements he co-developed with some of the top neuroscientists in the field.

But as Dr. Watson admits, just like many successful weight-loss journeys, supplements are not magic pills that do all the hard work. There’re also a couple of tweaks you should make that could turn your brain health around. Here are five lifestyle hacks that would make a considerable difference.