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	Inside TFX Millennia Walk, Singapore's largest multi-concept gym






Singapore’s largest gym has finally landed. Homegrown fitness conglomerate, True Group, has opened its latest TFX fitness centre inside Millenia Walk, occupying a large portion of the mall’s second floor. Spanning at a size of 41,700 square feet, this is by far the most expansive commercial fitness centre on our island.

Image credit: TFX

The list of facilities extends beyond your typical gym equipment at TFX Millennia Walk. Here, they have three studios, including a large spinning studio with ICG bikes, and a yoga studio. The space offers a balanced selection of classes, from dance, yoga to functional training.

Image credit: TFX

One of TFX’s main highlights is also a touch unusual — within the gym is an obstacle race training zone called TerraX. Think a playground made for adults, but with actual obstacles. Led by specialist TerraX coaches, this race training playground includes a four-by-25 metre running track, and obstacles like tyre flips, a Spiderman walk and much more

Ken Mok, CEO of True Group, said, “One of the biggest trends we have seen is the growth towards experiential fitness, that is, fitness activities that offer an added experience on top of the exercise itself. In tandem with this trend is an increased interest and participation in events such as obstacle races. True Group picked up on this trend and launched our new TFX clubs in 2019 to offer a curated fitness experience and a new large TerraX indoor obstacle race training facility with OCR classes at our third TFX club at Millenia Walk.”

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