Do you, like 99 percent of the world’s population, hate running on the treadmill or wrestling the elliptical for an hour just to clock some cardio into your routine? The good news is that there are infinitely more exciting ways to get your heart pumping, and boxing gyms in Singapore sit on the upper echelons on that list.

The benefits of boxing go beyond the therapeutic punching of bags after a trying day at work. While it appears to only work the upper body, the sport is actually a full body workout, engaging even your lower body and core throughout for a full-on sweat session. Over the years, its growing popularity has helped it lose its stereotype as a testosterone-dominated sport, a trend especially prevalent with a rising number of female boxing instructors in boxing gyms in Singapore.

While many still offer traditional, old-school training techniques, the newer boxing gyms often incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT)and other strength training moves during the fast-paced workout to make it more accessible to the time-constrained.

Here are some of our favourite boxing gyms in Singapore.