The French philosopher Voltaire once proclaimed that it was essential to cultivate our own garden. He spoke figuratively, but the gardener knew his wisdom could be applied literally. Just ask the folks at This Humid House.

The local botanical design studio behind Straits Clan’s floral displays has unveiled a new collection featuring its very own blooms. Inspired to become more sustainable and self-sufficient (a quality many of us learned to appreciate during the pandemic), This Humid House took it upon itself to grow its ingredients locally.

White sunflowers, glass gem corn and red passionfruit flowers are some of the many tropical plant varieties that were produced in the studio’s garden in Singapore. You’ll find them in its latest floral offerings, such as Meadow (S$250), which comprises curly foxtail lilies paired with homegrown mistletoe fig.

The sunset-hued Tiny Dancer floral maquette (S$120), on the other hand, features native carissa carandas berries, alongside alstromeria and orange pincushions.

If you like being surprised, Hari Hari is your best option. It’s a daily special promising the freshest picks from This Humid House’s garden, whatever the season. It’s available as both a maquette (S$125) and a bouquet (S$180).

Regardless of your choice, all of This Humid House’s floral creations showcase the studio’s flair for sculptural forms, unconventional pairings and vibrant colours. Its signature modern packaging is just the cherry on top.

You can shop the whole range at the studio’s online store, where you can also purchase the studio’s gift cards, floral subscriptions and tickets for its experiential floral workshops. Premium botanical accessories and unique objects will also be added to the website, so keep an eye out.

Visit This Humid House’s website here. Header photo credit: This Humid House

Pameyla Cambe
Senior Writer
Pameyla Cambe is a fashion and jewellery writer who believes that style and substance shouldn't be mutually exclusive. She makes sense of the world through Gothic novels, horror films and music. Lots of music.