Trampoline fitness classes (otherwise known as “rebounding”) might look like child’s play but ask anyone who’s been for at least one class would testify, it truly is no walk in the park. These classes have proven to be so popular that more of these studios are popping up all over the island.

So what’s the appeal? Cardio junkies will get a kick out of doing aerobic exercises on a solo mini-trampoline. That alone can help to tone muscles and energise the body and burn fat to boot. Plus, many of these studios incorporate strength training so expect a full body work out done in so much fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising.

Here’s where you can try trampoline fitness classes in Singapore.

Bbounce Studio

Bbounce Studio is the first fitness studio in Singapore dedicated to rebounding classes. As rebounding and circuit specialists, the studio incorporates resistant bands, weights, and strength training into the trampoline exercises taking it to a whole other level.

BeatX Studio

BeatX Studio is the sister to Bbounce Studio and throws in fun elements so your work out won’t be dull. At Beatx, you’ll find yourself surrounded by neon LED lights and electrifying club bangers that make classes here look like a party more than a work out. Expect a choice of levels — BeatX Lite for beginners and BeatX Max for regular rebounders.

BounceFit by Kulture Studios

BounceFit by Kulture Studios is located in the CBD area and known for its rhythm-based exercises to keep you moving. Bounce classes here are revolve around a variety of music genres from EDM, hip-hop to even K-pop. The space also offers hybrid classes like rebounding barre workout and muay thai-inspired rebounding so rest assured that there will always be something new to try.

Pounce Fit

Pounce Fit offers customised workout sessions to cater to varying fitness goals. The Boogie Bounce Revolution for instance is a 35 to 40 minute circuit class to jumpstart your metabolism. For those who prefer an undisturbed workout session in privacy, Pounce Fit offers private classes as well as classes at home.