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6 reasons why Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX is the ultimate leasing plan for flexibility and affordability

It’s not a secret that Singapore is notoriously expensive when it comes to owning a car.

Purchasing a car, especially for first-timers, can be extremely intimidating, not to mention be financially strenuous. We’re talking about underlying costs, COE risks and road taxes, car maintenance and hefty down payments. Some drivers may also find that purchasing a car requires far too much commitment, especially if their needs can no longer be supported by the type of car that they’ve opted for years ago. Besides, with technology in cars constantly evolving, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve if you’re stuck with the same model for a decade.

For those who aren’t ready to make that big jump yet, both financially and emotionally, car leasing has been touted as a sensible alternative to purchasing. The only caveat is that they’re not always known for their flexibility. Daimler Fleet Management, however, wants to bring car leasing to the next level and change that perception in Singapore with its latest plan: Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX.

The latest to join the Mercedes-Benz GO family of leasing plans is a flexible, low-commitment solution for anyone whose lifestyles are constantly changing and desire a luxury car, whether you’re a soon-to-be parent, a budding entrepreneur, or simply a fan of the storied German automotive brand.

Intrigued? Here’s why Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX is the best car leasing solution for you in Singapore.

1) Less upfront financial commitment

Driving a car in Singapore, especially one from Mercedes-Benz, is a luxury. Those who want to indulge in a comfortable drive but aren’t ready to part with their hard-earned money will appreciate that Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX only requires an affordable upfront payment, so you won’t have to worry about the huge down payment (usually a minimum of 40% of car price).

The attractive monthly leasing fee includes comprehensive motor insurance and road tax, so you will never have to worry about fluctuating insurance premium and all the hassle of renewing your insurance and road tax annually.

2) Freedom to upgrade

Buying a brand new car can be extremely exciting, but there are few things that can dampen your spirits more than realising that in a few years, your car of choice will either no longer serve your current lifestyle, or there are newer models with the latest technology that catch your eye. Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX brings unprecedented freedom by allowing for flexible early termination after three years. This means that you have the opportunity to upgrade to a new vehicle should you desire to do so, without having to wait for your seven-year lease to come to maturity.

3) Extensive car options

If you can’t decide on which Mercedes-Benz model to go for, we don’t blame you. After all, the manufacturer has been credited for producing some of the best-looking, performance-driven cars around. This ranges from the ever-reliable A-Class Hatchback and the stylish CLA Coupé, to the hulking GLE SUV and impeccable E-Class Saloon. All these options can only mean that you’ll always find the right car to lease for your current lifestyle.

4) Free of depreciation risk

There’s a running joke that cars depreciate the minute you drive it off the lot, but there’s plenty of truth to it. For a brand new car, this initial depreciation can be in the tens of thousands. In the long run, this depreciation can be racked up even further based on the car’s mileage, how sought-after the car is, and how well you maintain it. 

Leasing a car under Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX takes depreciation out of the equation so you can sleep easy knowing that its depreciation has no impact on you as you do not have to worry about the disposal value of the car at the end of your drive.

5) Be rewarded

The seven-year leasing plan prides itself not only for its flexibility, but also for being rewarding to its drivers. Customers are given the option to terminate after three years. Choose to stay, however, and the plan offers a loyalty cash rebate which returns the upfront payment over the course of the next four years. The rebate starts from 20 percent after the fourth year and increases all the way to 100 percent at the end of the seven-year contract.

6) Cross borders without worry

The Mercedes-Benz GLB (Image credit: Mercedes-Benz AG)

Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX takes care of all the important details, especially the big ones. Those who enjoy long road trips would be pleased to know that this leasing plan covers usage in Malaysia, which would be extremely convenient once borders reopen. You can look forward to plenty of luxurious, well-deserved vacations with your loved ones without worrying about seeking transportation alternatives.

Personal mobility made better

Those who desire low upfront commitment and flexibility to upgrade their car will appreciate that Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX is easily one of the most versatile leasing plans in Singapore today. With its affordable upfront payment and unrivalled benefits, driving your dream car has never been more rewarding.

Find out more about Mercedes-Benz GO FLEX here or contact Daimler Fleet Management for a non-obligation consultation at +65 6849 8118.

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