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ASICS SPORTSTYLE is back with another one of its greatest hits.

Come 1 February, Japanese sneaker giant ASICS SPORTSTYLE gives us another shoe to fawn over, this time, the GEL-1090, which sees the distinctive 2000s-era design come to life once more with six new colourways, alongside the return of its classic silver hue.

First released in 2004, the GEL-1090 has risen to become one of the most identifiable sneakers in the ASICS SPORTSTYLE family. Characterised by the multi-coloured stripes on a sleek upper that recalls the body of a race car. For these new releases, dashes of colour spot the sole and tongue of the shoe to grab attention, while those iconic stripes remain.

Beyond looks, the shoe is also crafted to ensure maximum comfort, with the patented GEL technology used in the heel and forefoot to pad every step, while the rubber sole is grooved for traction and stability. A mesh base also ensures the shoe is lightweight and breathable throughout the day.


The new range is fronted by pioneering co-ed K-pop group, KARD, who are also ambassadors for the label. We got the chance to go behind-the-scenes of the ASICS SPORTSTYLE GEL-1090 campaign shoot with KARD in the video above, so click that to watch and get a sneak peek of the fresh kicks.

In tandem with the arrival of the new GEL-1090, ASICS SPORTSTYLE is giving fans a chance to meet the group in real life, at the GEL-1090 launch party in Manila.

There are two ways to win this opportunity. The first runs from 1 to 29 February, where every purchase of the GEL-1090 in stores or online entitles you the chance. The second is a social media game that runs from 14 to 28 February. Named #FINDKARD, this hide-and-seek game on the @find_kard handle prompts players to engage with interactive puzzles to guess the location of the band. Tiers of winners will be announced, ranging from the grand prize, where winners get flown to Manila to meet KARD, to shopping vouchers, sneakers and other merchandise. More details can be found here.

If you miss the chance to see KARD for yourself, don’t sweat it. You can still experience the group’s personal touch with a limited edition ASICS SPORTSTYLE x KARD apparel release in March. All the band members have selected their favourite colours to be used on T-shirts and hoodies, which will all be made available at ASICS stores, both physical and online, as well as selected Limited Edt outlets.

All the shoes to retail for S$139.

Producers: Beatrice Bowers and Wynson Huang
Video editor: Daniel Chan
Videographer: Sung Kyu Ho

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