Since taking over Celine, creative director Hedi Slimane has ushered a new era in the brand’s approach. Now, Slimane’s leading yet another shake-up of the fashion house’s history.

For its Summer 2019 collection, Slimane collaborates with Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay for a slew of exclusive motifs and designs — marking Celine’s first time delving into the world of fine art.

(Image credit: Celine)

Perhaps, there’s no better way to showcase the massive potential of merging art and fashion than with this very collaboration. Slimane’s edgy approach to aesthetics proved to be a perfect match with Marclay’s art. Above all, these were two creative minds unafraid to challenge the status quo and to redefine their own fields.

As Slimane marries Parisian chic with rocker glam at Celine, Marclay composes a fusion of fine art and audio work. Audio, through his genius, is translated into visible form through performance art, collage work and even sculptures. Besides being a visual artist, Marclay was also a musician who found his early inspirations in punk rock and pioneered using turntables in performances.

For this collection, Marclay takes inspiration from vintage comics in three exclusive prints for Celine. These works — dubbed ‘onomatopoeia art’ — are seemingly self-explanatory, yet is deserving a moment of reflection. 

Christian Marclay's artwork adapted for Celine's SS19 (Image credit: Celine)
Christian Marclay's 'Zzhaa Zow', an exclusive art piece for Celine (Image credit: Celine)

‘Beeps’ sees variations of the sound, in words, clashing together in a colourful multitude of fonts: a visualisation of the noisiness of the world that descend into uniformity. With ‘Klak, klak, klak’, Marclay expands his oeuvre of sound art to photogravure print-making, using black-and-white colour schemes to emphasise the rhythmic patterns of the words in this piece.

Then there’s ‘Zzhaa Zow’, Marclay’s most explosive contribution to the collection. Working with photogravure again, the artist portrays the dynamism of the text through lightning bolts and harsh flashes.

The collection uses detailed hand-embroideries to better embody the dynamism in Marclay’s works (Image credit: Celine)

When it comes to translating the liveliness of the artwork onto clothing, Slimane goes the extra mile. Artworks go on as prints on bags and pouches, or as embroidered batches on the back of jackets and parkas. The collection comes into a crescendo with a fully hand-embroidered couture dress, teddy jacket and kimono in colourful sequins or metal beads.

Check out the rest of the Summer 2019 collection here:

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