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The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge is an aromatic experience you won’t want to miss

There is an undeniable love affair between us and a good cup of coffee.

Yet, many factors come into play when it comes to crafting the perfect cup. Do you prefer a stronger, more intense flavour? Nutty notes or a fruitier aroma? Espresso or Cappuccino? Does a different machine really make all the difference? Needless to say, it can be pretty daunting to decipher all that lingo. Thankfully, we’ve got the coffee-obsessed experts over at De’Longhi Singapore to weigh in and help us unravel the intricacies behind our morning mug.

De’Longhi Singapore is bringing the art of creating the perfect brew straight to you with a coffee session at Tang Plaza from now till 26 September 2021. The complimentary 45-minute Coffee Lounge experience will cover everything from picking the right coffee beans to a first-hand go at working the machines.

From Arabica and Robusta to Liberica, learn about the differences between these beans from the Coffee Experts at the De’Longhi Coffee Lounge.

After a breezy coffee taste survey to better understand your preferences, the aromatic expedition starts off with De’Longhi Singapore laying the groundwork. Here, our friendly Coffee Expert patiently explained the differences in caffeine content, taste and aroma between more commonly found coffee beans such as Arabica and Robusta. Spoiler alert: the contrast between your kopi and a cafe-styled brew lies in the types of beans used.

Right around the corner from here, you’ll learn about the next most important foundation of coffee-making: the roast spectrum. As a rule of thumb, people are generally drawn to the hypnotising brown hues of coffee beans, yet little is known of its fairer cousin. Here, we learnt that lighter roasts impart a fruitier scent and maintain higher caffeine levels in the coffee. Before you start jittering in excitement at the thought of a stronger brew, here’s something else you need to know: lighter roasts also result in a more acidic cup of Joe, which is something those with sensitive stomachs should take note of.

Delonghi Coffee Lounge
Introducing the De’Longhi La Specialistia

Lifestyle and personal preferences can affect the way we choose to make our coffee. The next station cleared up any questions we still had regarding the many different machines offered by De’Longhi, whether it’s the more specialised La Specialista to fully automatic ones like the Dinamica, a fantastic alternative for those constantly on-the-go.

We have to say, the La Specialista can appear to be intimidating with all its bells and whistles, but our worries were unfounded. At the last station, our Coffee Expert imparted clear instructions on how to use it, which highlighted special functions like the Smart Tamping, and intelligent features such as the Sensor Grinding Technology and Active Temperature Control that’ll make your brew a breeze. A pro tip we learnt here: the best way to tell if your milk has reached the right temperature for steaming is when the pitcher is just barely too hot to hold in your hand.

Now, this isn’t your average, passive coffee sharing session where you stand aside and look. Here, guests are invited to try their hand out at going through the whole process of making their favourite cuppa — ours was the latte — and we even got to do some creative latte art with the steamed milk. Admittedly, ours didn’t turn out quite as perfect as we imagined it would, but it was a great first attempt to kickstart our home barista dreams.

Coffee is great on its own, but it’s made even better with some chocolate on the side. The aromatic journey came to a close with thoughtful notes on how to elevate your java experience. For instance, did you know that milk chocolate, when had with an Americano, creates a rich and smooth melt-in-the-mouth feel as a result of the contrasting textures? Neither did we. In line with the restrictions, the De’Longhi Coffee Lounge will be packing the coffees you’ve made alongside a mini bag of chocolates for you to take home too.

An informative coffee lounge experience plus chocolate and coffee to-go? Sign us up already.

Ready for a coffee adventure? Book your complimentary experience at De’Longhi’s Coffee Lounge here. The limited-time is available from now through 26 September at TANGS at Tang Plaza B1.

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