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Beyond food delivery, here’s how foodpanda is helping diners and restaurants during the pandemic

It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a toll over the F&B industry the last two years. Even for a food-focused country like Singapore, the fight for survival has never been more relevant in the scene.

After all, with dining-restrictions constantly changing — from fluctuating capacity limitations to complete dine-in closures — both restaurants and diners alike had to deal with the changes with little to no lead time.

Thankfully for us, foodpanda has always been the one-stop solution to our hunger pangs.

Beyond restaurant delivery, take-out offerings and an on-demand grocery delivery service aptly named pandamart, foodpanda is also home to pandapro, a monthly subscription programme that allows diners to receive exclusive deals and benefits on a monthly basis. Keeping with the brand’s mission to “(bring) good food into your everyday,” they’ve recently unveiled dine-in, the latest feature in pandapro.

foodpanda’s pick-up service, which started in end 2018, marked the start of the brand’s online-to-offline commerce

If you haven’t already noticed, the new feature has been made available on the foodpanda app, located just below the pick-up option. “Dine-in? Isn’t foodpanda a delivery service?” Yes, we hear these questions running through your heads already.

The short answer is: yes and no. foodpanda may be widely known as one of the top food delivery services around town, but that’s not all they do. As restrictions ease with the rising number of vaccinated individuals in the country, dining-in restaurants and cafes have become increasingly popular again. With dine-in, foodpanda aims to make it even easier for customers to conveniently meet their food and lifestyle needs.

Using it is but a simple, two-step process. Users can click on the “dine-in” button on the foodpanda app home screen and choose the offer that they would like to enjoy. All diners have to do after is head to the restaurant, scan the QR code there for the offer to be verified, and the discounts will be reflected upon payment.

These attractive dine-in offers includes 1-for-1 offers as well as discounts of up to 30 percent off the full menu. If you’re wondering which establishments are partnering up with foodpanda’s pandapro feature, we’ve got you covered with a little sneak peek. We’re talking from boozy joints like The Landing Point and Gin Parlour at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, to restaurants like Botanico at the Garage (Bee’s Knees). You’ll also get to enjoy Peach Garden’s exquisite Chinese dishes, and chow down on some All-American classics over a game of mini-golf at Holey Moley Golf Club. To find out more, simply scroll through the endless list in your app for the full register of restaurants.


Botanico at the Garage (Bee’s Knees) is just one of the many restaurants that foodpanda is working with for offers within the new dine-in feature. (Image credit: @botanicosg via Instagram)

If you’d like to enjoy the dine-in offers, however, here’s the catch: it’s currently only available to pandapro members.

The monthly subscription — which is priced at a neat S$7.99 per month — comes with unlimited free delivery and unlimited 20% off deals on selected restaurants, unlimited 5% additional discounts on pick-up as well as two 10% discount vouchers on pandamart, and three dine-in offers per restaurant, per month. Looking for an even better deal? Diners can choose to subscribe for six- and 12-month plans at S$6.99 and S$5.99 per month respectively.

“The availability of dine-in complements all other services that we offer, as we strive to deliver the best experience for our customers. The launch of dine-in also nicely coincides with the gradual easing of restrictions in Singapore, and we hope that this feature can also act as a booster for our restaurant partners to bring diners back,” says Amirul Shah, Commercial Director of foodpanda Singapore.

Who’d say no to offers and discounts for both dining-in and at home anyway? Count us in.

For more information or to download the app, visit their website here. Follow them on Instagram at @foodpandasg.

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