Singapore’s restaurants may be open once more, but given that we remain in the midst of a pandemic, takeaways and food deliveries remain essential.

By now, you probably have a repertoire of restaurants you (over)rely on for your meals, but not every day deserves the same old menu. Sometimes, you’d do well to treat yourself and your loved ones with a little culinary TLC, and here’s where foodpanda comes in.

foodpanda singapore

foodpanda may be known as your friendly neighbourhood food delivery service, but its extensive pool of eateries aren’t just limited to heartland fare, fast food or cafés. Of late, a growing tier of premium restaurants have joined the app, giving diners the option of enjoying fine dining and gourmet meals in the safety and comfort of their own homes. No crowds, no queues, no fuss.

foodpanda top rated
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You may not know this, but all these gourmet offerings are parked under the “Top Rated” tag on the foodpanda homepage. Options are obviously targeted to your location but expect a diversity of cuisines to amp up your next meal.

From French dishes, Greek menus, dim sum spreads and more, foodpanda’s “Top Rated” list turns your next meal into a proper affair. Some of the restaurants also offer timely discounts, making it more affordable to order-in than dine-out at their restaurant.

foodpanda singapore
New restaurants are added all the time so your options don’t get stale.

Supporting the local food and beverage industry doesn’t necessarily mean having to eat at restaurants all the time. Instead, foodpanda offers you that opportunity with far more ease.

You might think, also, that having a premium meal at home isn’t really the same experience as sitting at a white-clothed table, but hey, times are changing, and so are our ideas of what dining means. Plus, can you really contest that it’s all that bad to dig into a wagyu steak with sweatpants on? It’s truly living life.

For the entire month of July, foodpanda will be offering free delivery for selected “Top Rated” restaurants, if you needed any more excuse to place an order.

For more information or to download the app, visit Follow them on Instagram @foodpandasg.

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