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hansgrohe’s SilicaTec Granite sinks meld both form and function in the kitchen

To the uninitiated, a kitchen sink is regarded as no more than a spot to do your dishes at. Yet hansgrohe recognises its ability to not only become a kitchen centrepiece, but also serve as a highly-functional addition to everyday lives. 

Designed in collaboration with its long-standing design partner, Phoenix Design, the new range of SilicaTec Granite sinks from hansgrohe transforms the kitchen with both its innovation and distinctive design. 

hansgrohe SilicaTec Granite sinks
(Image credit: hansgrohe)

The star feature of the sinks remain to be SilicaTec — a composite that’s made from quartz and acrylic resins — which lend a pleasant look and feel to both the kitchen and its user. Because only rounded quartz particles from quartz sand are used, the resulting texture is one that’s smooth, hard, and non-porous. This translates to it being dirt repellent and easy to clean. The material is also odourless, UV-stable, and heat-, impact, and stain-resistant, providing a lot more mileage over decades — we’re looking at you, wine drinkers. 

The award-winning Phoenix Design also envisioned this sink to be as minimalist and versatile as possible. Its linear design sees a broad rim surface that not only showcases the material, but also accommodates a choice of controls on the sink’s right-hand side. Even the overflow is positioned on the right side of the bowl and hidden from view to reduce the clutter. The result is a sink that not only melds seamless with its counter, but also one that lends unparalleled sleekness to an open-plan kitchen. 

hansgrohe SilicaTec Granite sinks
(Image credit: hansgrohe)

To make every move as fuss-free as possible, a choice of two intuitive controls are available, both of which are strategically positioned at the front right side of the sink rink for easy access. 

The first sees a central control unit that allows for the selection of any water temperature and volume to remain constant, with the Select button conveniently placed on the high spout to control the flow of water. 

On the second model, the Select button — which manages the water flow from the multi-spray kitchen tap — is located on the right sink rim, and controls the opening and closing of the drain. Either way, both models are big on functionality; they’re easily operated via the back of your hands or elbows should your hands be dirty. 

The idea of harmonious living is also extended to the SilicaTec Granite sink’s base cabinet thanks to the hangsohe sBox. The intelligent system stows away the hose of the pull-out spray tap in a flat casing, which not only keeps it tidy but also protects it from bumps by drawers and waste bins — a common drawback in many lesser-equipped sinks.

The sBox also allows for hoses of up to 76cm long, which caters to a wide range of needs — the true embodiment that form and function can co-exist in any kitchen.

Visit the Hansgrohe Aquademie at 69 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239015, or learn more about the SilicaTec Granite sinks online here. For all the latest updates of their premium products, follow hansgrohe on Facebook and Instagram.


hansgrohe’s SilicaTec Granite sinks meld both form and function in the kitchen

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