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Here’s how the new Range Rover Sport is redefining sporting luxury today

Sporty and posh are rarely two traits that work together in the real world, but it’s a combination that Range Rover has managed to perfect since it’s been in the business of luxury SUVs. The new Range Rover Sport is testament of that expertise – not just because it looks phenomenal with its fresh, cleverly faceted edges, but also because under that pretty face is a complex mechanical brain that has been tuned to give you the ride of your life, time and time again.

Now in its third generation, the hulking luxury SUV is no longer merely a symbol of status. It’s also an engineering icon in a world where performance and comfort are equally coveted, but not often mutually associated. This time, it benefits from an extremely sophisticated interior, sustainable touches, superb off-road tech, and an impressive hybrid system, which could only mean that your drives are only going to get better.

Here’s how the new Range Rover Sport is redefining sporting luxury today.

It’s intelligently hybrid

The roads are rife with hybrids these days, so what makes the Range Rover Sport special? For one, unlike the other PHEVs out there, it applies the additional power quite brilliantly and seamlessly to the driving experience instead of merely incorporating it for the sake of claiming that hallowed eco-friendly badge today. 

Within the P440e Electric Hybrid is a large 38.2kWh battery that works with the efficient new six-cylinder engine to produce a total of 440PS, although moving forward, the P460e variation with 460PS will be available instead.

For long road trips, use the hybrid with the petrol powertrain for an engaging drive that’s also more earth-friendly, or switch to all-electric mode when you’re covering city roads, which often require higher fuel consumption because of constant traffic and navigation. On pure EV mode, the 100km driving range is sufficient enough to get you to most places around Singapore without having to touch that petrol tank. 

Charging is equally efficient, because who has hours to waste at a charging kiosk? You’ll get a 0-80 percent charge in under an hour using 50kW DC rapid charging, which makes the Range Rover Sport one of the fastest-charging, plug-in hybrids around today. Otherwise, it can also self-charge via regenerative braking, which also gives the car a good amount of electric juice till you get to a charging point.

It seriously turns heads

The Range Rover Sport is good looking, so much so that it turned more than a few heads when we first took it out to the streets of London, a city where SUVs are as common as red phone booths. 

Unlike its boxier previous generation, the new one’s sculpted with a taut, muscular stance that commands plenty of road presence, all while conveying the idea of power and agility. Still, the Range Rover Sport’s distinctive character isn’t lost; short overhands and an assertive front-end, as well as steeply raked glazing at the front and back make for an imposing sight, especially when on the move.

Aesthetic upgrades in this third iteration include a stealth-like front grille and the Digital LED lighting units, which feature the car’s unique Daytime Running Light (DRL) signature. It’s the slimmest ever fitted to a Range Rover. This light show sits above a sculpted, double aperture lower bumper that’s futuristic but familiar all at once. 

At the back, the athleticism of the SUV continues with a sculpted tailgate and the Range Rover script stretched across to remind fellow drivers who’s boss. As part of its redesign, uninterrupted LED light graphics add even more modernity to the car, especially at night when the new surface LED technology shines through the best. All these draw the eye to the new lower fender details and of course, the longest spoiler ever fitted to a Range Rover. 

Other sophisticated elements worth mentioning include the flushed doors and the very precisely fashioned laser-welded roof. Oh, and you’ll get paint options like the Eiger Grey in Satin finish, which perfectly hugs every curve and facet of the Sport to create quite a breathtaking sight.

Navigate corners like a pro with all-wheel steering

Trust us, you’ll never want to drive without it again. We knew the new Range Rover Sport would be agile but the All-Wheel Steering will ease you out of even the tightest corner without so much as a drop of sweat. And you’ll find this extremely useful in more ways than one. 

While you’ll be able to get out of small parking lots or even through the notoriously narrow Malaysian checkpoint lanes stress-free, all-wheel steering also allows you to traverse unexpected bends and twists down unpaved jungle or mountain roads, even at low speeds.

Expect the turning circle of a hatchback and the on-road agility of much smaller car, even though you’re quite literally heads and shoulders above them on the road.

Zen out with active noise cancellation

A car this big isn’t usually this quiet, but the Range Rover Sport is and it’s glorious. Outfitted with next generation Active Noise Cancellation, the 4×4’s cabin is free from road and tyre noise, so you can best enjoy the engine’s signature growl. Taking a leaf from high-end headphones, the microphones and accelerometers inside each wheel arch are constantly monitoring the sounds passing into the vehicle as the digital processors calculate the level of noise-cancelling sound required to filter them from the cabin. For the best engine listening experience, you’ll want to try this on Dynamic mode.

Add to that the Meridian Signature Sound System within, and you’ll get one of the best audio experiences in a car cabin. 29 speakers, a new subwoofer, and up to 1,430kW of amplifier power project every single details with clarity, so you can best enjoy the music you love without external noise interferences, whether it’s Mozart or Metallica. Four headrest speakers also enable those travelling in the four main seats of the vehicle to experience personal sound zones. 

An intelligent companion on the road

The new Range Rover Sport is an intelligent car, and we’re not just talking about its off-roading skills or driving capabilities. There’s plenty of tech that’ll make your driving experience a stellar one, starting with the Interactive Driver Display.

Crisp and intuitive, the 13.7-inch high-definition panel provides customisable content depending on the driver’s needs and preferences. Besides driving information and active safety data, you can also choose to view a full-screen map or even access songs from your media library. 

This instrument cluster works hand in hand with the heads-up display and award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment system, the latter of which is vividly expressed via the high-resolution floating 13.1-inch curved touch screen at the centre of the dashboard. Here, you’ll control everything from navigation and media, to vehicle settings and off-road information, with no more than two taps needed for 90 percent of these common tasks. 

It’s not often you see evolution and revolution simultaneously at play, but the Range Rover Sport has somehow managed to outdo itself. Sporty, dynamic, and incredibly sleek, the SUV promises to get you to places – with plenty of style to spare.

Find out more about the new Range Rover Sport here, or click below to book a test drive today.

Test drive the new Range Rover Sport today

Here’s how the new Range Rover Sport is redefining sporting luxury today

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